Thursday, 4 January 2018


It's day six of the cousins' visit.
They are scheduled to leave tomorrow - or that's what they said. There are now two schools of thought amongst them.
The cousins - my cousin, his wife and two sons in their 20s discuss everything at maximum decibels. The neighbours probably think that they're arguing ..... maybe they's hard to tell as the cousin is a bit deaf and talks very loudly.

They did have a big row yesterday morning about whether or not to go to the surf beach. The cousin wanted to go but the sons and the wife had gotten sunburnt there the day before and didn't want to go. My suggestion that they go into town went on deaf ears. The cousin drove off on his own in a huff for a couple of hours. While I didn't have the house to myself it was considerably quieter with him away.

The discussion today is whether they leave tomorrow as planned or....... leave on Saturday!
That isn't an option I favour as The Old Girl comes back on Friday night and will be appalled at the mess they've made.
Another option put forward that I liked the sound of is that they leave today. Joy!

The trouble is that the big storm has hit this morning and it's bucketing down with high winds. This fact deterred them leaving but for some reason the fact that horizontal rain battering the house did not draw an association with the fact that they have all of the windows open in the two bedrooms and lounge that they are camping in. I discovered this and closed the windows which thankfully hadn't been torn from their hinges by the gale force winds and mopped up all the water that had come in. The carpets will have to be dried out but unfortunately not quick enough before The Old Girl arrives.

My suggestion that they go to the movies today didn't work as they thought that none of the films on were worth watching. We have about a hundred DVDs of films and TV series for them to watch but somehow they've managed to munt the DVD player. It's worked well for us since we've had it but they've munted it - along with the flushing system of the main toilet. I'm keeping the door locked to the bathroom now and am just waiting for them to comment on this


I did a big supermarket shop on Monday and bought hundreds of dollars worth of goods to last the week. They brought some things with them but are generally emptying my cupboards. I've been cooking nice dinners and will do a Bolognese meal tonight. They have cooked twice. Their idea of cooking is to state what they are going to make and then, halfway through discover that they didn't buy the vital ingredients for the meal they planned and shopped for e.g. a pasta dish - no pasta - had to use mine from the cupboard and freezer. An egg and spinach dish - they didn't buy eggs or spinach - had to use mine from the fridge and the garden.  I calculate that them provisioning for the two meals they cooked meant buying about a quarter of the required ingredients and fossicking for the rest.


The cousin and his wife own a vineyard and have their own wine label. They brought a lot of their wine with them but chose to drink my wines. They then complain about my wines even though they're better than their own. I hope that they take theirs away with them as I don't drink Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris. I've decided not to bring out any more wines from the cellar and they can make do with what's in the fridge.


I got tired of the loud discussion re their travel plans and have shut myself in the study hence this post. It's gone a bit quiet out there so they may have killed each other. I haven't heard any crashes
 though even though I'm keeping an ear open as they haven't yet broken the dishwasher, the microwave, the washing machine or the oven but it's still early days.

When they leave I think I'll say that we are moving to Willis Grove Nuova Lazio next Christmas and they can stay with us there.


Richard (of RBB) said...

Oh dear, I will not make any fun because you need sympathy. We both know they're going to go Saturday, or Sunday if the weather is bad. Oh dear. This post really touched my heart. I wish I could say ' God bless'. Actually, maybe God is punishing you. Honestly, my heart is with you on this one.

Robert said...

I was about to say its very funny but then realized the pathos!


Ha, ha.
They've still here after saying that they were going to get up at 5 to leave before 6.
They are going to make their way to Wellington to connect with the ferry on Saturday.
I overheard them discussing where they could stay on the way ( should I suggest Moera?). They went through the number of friends saying things like:
"Dave and Margaret said they have a full house"

"Jim's not answering the phone"

"The Smiths seem to be away"

I suspect that everyone has had experience of them before and are ducking for cover.

Richard (of RBB) said...

Pretty full at our place too. Good luck with getting rid of them.


They've gone!
8.30 and they've finally gone.

Mind you, later in the year I'll forget about the tribulations and invite them back again.
That's family for you.


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