Tuesday, 2 January 2018


I'm not obsessive like Richard, nor am I a religious nutter like Robert but when it comes to the bathroom in the house I do get a bit concerned at its overuse when guests are staying.

When we bought this house we were very happy that it has an almost separate living area at the rear where there is a kitchen, a lounge, a laundry, a large bathroom with shower and toilet and two double bedrooms. Access is by a door at the end of the main hallway so it is part of the main house but it also has two other doors leading to outside. This 'annex' was built about twenty years ago and is much more modern than the rest of the house which is circa 1920. The bathroom facilities are better than the main bathroom in the house.

Why then do guests, when staying, still choose to use the main bathroom and toilet - my bathroom and toilet when they have a damn good facility for themselves? Is it just that they are too bloody lazy, when in the main kitchen or lounge, to walk down the hallway to the guest accomodation?

I think I may have mentioned this before.

We have my relatives staying this week - my cousin, his wife and two sons. There is plenty of room for them yet they seem to take over the whole house. Their living area is a shambles and they've spread their crap all over the main lounge, kitchen, deck, hallway and snooker room. I know that after they've gone I'll find books, clothing, phones, iPads, shoes etc everywhere. I think I'll just deny having seen these items and donate them to the charity shops.

So you might have gathered that the've been using my bathroom - making a mess there as well. Well, get this. They've also managed to break the toilet. My bloody toilet. Somehow the flushing system is buggered up. I'll have to use buckets of water in the cistern until I get it fixed. We've been in this house for 9 years and have had no problem with it all that time. They come and pretty soon it's munted. Fortunately, being an old house the doors all have key-locks so I've locked the bathroom door and I won't let them use it.

I shudder when I think that they'll bugger up the washing machine, the dishwasher, the dryer and the stove before they go at the end of the week. They are nice people but they are noisy and chaotic. Richard had Uncle Steve. I've got four clones of Uncle Steve.

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Richard (of RBB) said...

Ha ha, good on you! I would have locked the toilet on Uncle Steve too, except then he'd just shit in the garden and not wash his hands.


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