Saturday, 28 February 2009


I'm getting up to speed now with the framing gallery work. I'm not cutting myself so often now. What I can't do properly I contract out to experts so the customers are getting good quality work. The finishing touches that I want to do on the workshop and gallery are still not done as work coming in has been so steady (good to have money coming in though).

I've sold a few paintings which is good and there is new interest being shown by local artists. I have a good feeling about this venture.


In the last posting I did I said I just wanted to get through the weekend.
I did get through it and it was actually pretty good.
On Saturday we had some friends over and ended up having a bit of a party. The 'sister in law 'and 'mother in law' (quote marks because the old girl and I are happily unmarried after 21 years) were both in good form and we ate, drank wine and even danced!

Friday, 20 February 2009


We all experience the trauma of death in the family. Its nothing special really until it happens to you. Sometimes all the bad things happen in quick succession as I've experienced with my father, brother and mother all dying in (un)reasonably quick succession.
This weekend my sister in-law is staying with us (as well as the mother-in-law) and although it is only a few hours into the catch ups (she lives in California) the death stuff is already on the agenda. Rhona's husband died a few months ago. Rhona is a 'New-Age' Californian, believing in afterlife, previous-life, feng-shue, feyness, the vibe and all that. Add to this the brashness and can't do wrongness (no such word but we are dealing with a born again American here) and it is no wonder that we are all 'sharing' in discussions about the dead and how they are still with us.
This is dangerous ground. The Old Girl (Rhona's sister) is still very sensitive re the death of her son last year and the anniversary of that tragic event is next month. Coincidentally this weekend is the anniversary of our lovely dog Rosie dying. In April is the anniversary of The Old Girl's father dying 3 years ago.
I'm just looking foreward to getting through the weekend.


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