Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Friday, 27 March 2009


We went up to our holiday house at McLeod Bay Whangarei Heads the other day to do some maintenance and tidy up the gardens. We have had it rented out for the last year and the tenants (good ones) have finally finished building their own house. We plan to go up there for Easter in a couple of weeks. The Old Girl needs a break so she is planning to make a whole week of it. I will go up on Friday and come back Tuesday night as I have to open the gallery on Wednesday. We didn't have a Christmas break with both of us working so this will be our Summer holiday.

Its nice up there. We are right by the water so can swim and kayak and Mount Manaia is close which has an excellent walking track.

There is no telecommunication so I won't be able to check if Richard has found another friend for his Bass Book. Poor guy he will probably be lonely as his only friend Jesus will be a bit busy at Easter.

Thursday, 19 March 2009


Metrowater came and checked the local sewer line today. Apparently it was full (like Richard - full of shit). There was some blockage somewhere and big jobs had backed up from a long time previous (kind of like Richards Bass Bag I guess). I hope they have fixed it as we don't want to be the recipient of the neighbourhood's crap.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Richard thought I looked like sperm in my previous post.

Either he had Woody Allen's movie 'Everything you always wanted to know about sex' or sperm on his brain - you choose.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Something went wrong with the plumbing system today and I had to go under the house through the crawl areas to find and fix the problem.
Lucky I had my sewer suit given to me by a friend at Water Care Services.
I didn't find any Brass though.

Friday, 13 March 2009


The little fat guy came to mind yesterday (no, not Richard - Buddha).

We have pantry moths (spelled with an 'r' Richard) that get into everything. We keep all food items in storage jars but they still manage to inveigle their way in. Someone suggested using moth tents to catch them. Moth tents capture them as they are flying and I suppose they just die while trapped. I don't like the thought of this though as it seems cruel. If we are going to eradicate them I think we'd best leave it to nature and get a Venus fly trap plant.

Thursday, 12 March 2009


Richard has suggested that as you don't see pictures of me and the wine guy side by side they may be the same person.
On the left is what Lynn says the wine guy looks like first thing in the morning. In the middle is what the wine guy looks like during the day and on the top right is me.
Draw your own conclusions.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


A new scam has been uncovered where blogs failing to attract readership have resorted to an extremely low, filthy, unscrupulous, immoral, unethical, devious, unprincipled, caddish and desperate scheme which involves stealing the personalities of successful, principled, waggish, funny, clever, responsible and successful bloggers to front their own pitiful blogs.

The new blog reader may be seduced into accepting what the 'blog pirate' says, not realising that it is all a lie.

A word of advice - BEWARE.

Saturday, 7 March 2009


I was hoping for a quiet day today so I can sit down and ease the pain in my foot but I have had some big jobs to do.

Working with glass is scary and working with large format pieces even scarier. Some people don't realise that the bigger the frame size the heavier the glass is and the greater need for a big solid frame. I have had work brought in that has fallen off the wall and had the glass broken.

A young couple brought in a big poster framed in a very thin frame with glass that was 1.3 metres high and 660 cm wide. The frame had come apart and they asked me to fix it. I said to leave it with me and I'd put a couple of pins in it - payment a flat white from the coffee shop nearby. I tried strengthening it but decided that the frame was far too delicate to hold the glass and as it belonged to his elderly mother I didn't want it falling down and cutting her. I had some thicker moulding in stock so made up another frame (nice ornate gold that went well with the Vishnu Indian print) and reassembled it. When they came back they were very pleased but worried about how much it would cost (the computer programme cost assessment was $290). I said that it was spare moulding I had anyway and was good practice so the flat white was payment enough. I asked them to recommend me to friends working on the principle that what goes around comes around. They were very happy.

Friday, 6 March 2009


Richard in his bass bag blog is always trying to raise readership of his Posts and the latest gimmick is using Jesus (of Nazareth - not the band - fame) to co-host. This is obviously an ego problem (low) and not surprising given he plays bass. How many extrovert frontmen play bass for gods sake (sorry Jesus).
I don't care for post readership numbers (unlike Robert, Richard's brother who installed a readership counter on his blog - but soon removed it when the embarrassing low numbers were exposed to all (or not many)), and as I'm a curmudgeon say 'fuck-off' if you don't like my posts and don't care if you never read them anyway.
Back to the religion question. What a lot of ridiculous twaddle. There is and has been so much trouble between competing religions and this has caused wars, marital break-ups and psychological problems just for a start. They are though tremendous money earners so its no wonder that a cynical few are milking the naive billions for trillions. I can understand the dim, the lonely, the pathetic etc subscribing to all this nonsense but cannot understand how any reasonably intelligent person can believe in transubstantiation, ascension, assumption, martyrdom granting you twenty virgins in heaven etc. This reminds me of a joke: Two guys die - one goes to heaven and one to hell. The guy in heaven is sitting around on a cloud and all the entertainment is tame harp playing. He sees his mate in hell with a beer tankard in his hand and a beautiful woman on his lap. He says to his apparently lucky mate "hey, how come you get all that you jammy bastard?" His mate says "jammy nothing. All the tankards have holes in them and the women don't!"
The only good thing that comes from religion is a sense of conscience and caring for others. A previous blogger The Morality Guy and her friend The Ethical Guy alerted us to that. I totally agree and say to all the religious nuts "show some common sense, just do whats right and stop bothering us with all this god-stuff. Ok?"

Monday, 2 March 2009


....and bit me on the toe - the little bastard!

It's not fair. I look after spiders. I never hurt them and put them outside when I find them rather than spray them. It seems that the LB that bit me was a white tail. My toe is extremely sore and very, very swollen. Friends have gleefully told me stories of amputation and flesh degradation - I hope that doesn't happen. I have started a course of antibiotics so hope that helps. Why did that spider bite me? It could have bitten any amount of people who are cruel to insects. Does this mean that Buddhism is a flawed religion? Maybe Rob can advise.


Well why not since Robert's been banging on about the Catholic Catechism and its virtues even while there's a backdrop of priests, b...