Saturday, 21 April 2018


Robert has freaked out The Religious Curmudgeon.


When we were younger we used to think that bigger wheels on cars were more desirable. It made them look flasher, faster, more macho etc.

As we get older these things don't appeal so much so we settle for smaller wheels.

When I had company cars and didn't have to pay for them I used to choose the option of 18" or 19" wheels over the standard 16".

Why? Because they looked better. Facile eh.

I just had a look at a VW forum on whether larger wheels are better than smaller wheels:

A question
I have a 2001 (B5.5) V6 4motion Passat. I still have the stock wheels and tire size on it: 205/55/R16. Was thinking about getting some new wheels, but before I locked myself into that wheel/tire size, I wanted to ask the question -- is there any real advantage (or disadvantage) to getting bigger tires, and therefore wheels?

An answer
Advantage. looks only, really.
Disadvantages. lack of wheel protection, hasher ride, more expensive tires....
It's a preference. That's all.
Want a good middle of the road without having to lower to look good? 17" 225/45/17 tire.

The car we just bought has 16" wheels and it looks OK to me. At least they are larger than the tyres on the Toyota Ist we just sold which were 15".
No doubt the boy racers will sneer when they see me driving it but hey, at least they might not steal it.

Thursday, 19 April 2018


I've always avoided owning and operating those 'blokey' things like chainsaws, water blasters and the noisy  usually irrelevant things that home handymen feel they can't do without.

I'm more like this guy on the right in Mitre 10 Mega's 'Easy as' TV ad of a few years ago:

I did once own a small chainsaw that I bought at a swap-meet. It was faulty and crap and leaked petrol everywhere and could hardly cut through butter. I nearly immolated myself using it up a tree once so took it to the dump.

The Old Girl has no confidence in me as a handyman and generally forbids me from doing repairs or making things. She controls the power-drill set and most tools see HERE


Anyway, today, after the morning's tennis and as the sun was hiding behind overcast skies I decided to give tree trimming a go. I've got the car and trailer now to remove substantial amounts of garden waste so went 'rip-shit-or bust' at it. Since we got back from the UK two years ago now I haven't been able to trim the bushes and trees much so that now most of them are bloody monstrous.  I used a hand-saw as per usual and created vast piles of cuttings before I was exhausted. Looking around it appeared that I've hardy scratched the surface of what needs to be done. I need to motorise,

I've decided to buy a garden chainsaw, a petrol-driven one and tonight will Google -search options and go to Placemakers or Mite 10 tomorrow.

I'll tell The Old Girl tonight and no doubt she will warn me about chopping off an arm or a leg but, needs must.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018


Airlines have been in the news this week, even more than usual.

Air New Zealand's new Dreamliner may possibly have problems and have to be refitted.
Air New Zealand is making changes to some international flights after being forced to carry out early maintenance checks on its engines.
In March, Rolls-Royce told airlines to check a specific part of the Trent 1000 engine compressor on all planes earlier than usual.
This type of check is usually required after reaching making 2000 one-way flights, however Roll-Royce are requiring them to now be checked after 300 flights.
                                                                                                            - Stuff News

In a statement, Air New Zealand said there would be some impact to its international schedule, however it could not say how many flights would be affected or when.
Still, it's better than having the engines blow up I guess as happened here:

Southwest Airlines flight 1380, en route from New York to Dallas, with 143 passengers and five crew, was forced to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia, where the mother of two, identified as Jennifer Riordan, was declared dead and seven other passengers were treated for minor injuries.
                                                                                                           - The Australian

A Southwest Airlines passenger was been killed after being partially sucked out of a blown out window, when the plane engine appeared to explode.

Unfortunate wording in this advertisement given the circumstances

I heard a news report where some dispshit American reporter surmised what could have happened if the wings fell off or went on fire (they didn't) but this doomsayer kept banging on about what if .....  what an arsehole.
He might as well have wondered what would have happened as in how many passengers would have been killed if Thor had thrown a hammer out of the skies and it hit the plane.


Today I read an article about the possible future of airline travel and what sort of seating we might expect.


Passengers brace yourselves. This image shows what one company wants to do to economy class on flights, and it appears to be rather painful,

You know that annoying game of elbow wars you're already quite used to playing with your seatmare? Well that will pale in comparison to what's planned for you.
And that tiny bit of space they call legroom these days that you've long complained about? Well, say goodbye.
This is what the future of flying will look like, if Italian seat manufacturer Aviointeriors has a say.
The company unveiled their latest design at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018 in Hamburg. It's called the SkyRider 2.0 affectionately known as the "saddle seat".
In reality, they are more like "standing seats" than actual seats as you'll be left supporting your body weight using the floor. Great for the thigh muscles, though.
Aviointeriors have compared the seating position to that of a horseback rider, stating that cowboys can sit on saddles for hours without feeling discomfort. So why couldn't we?
The design would allow airlines to squeeze in an extra 20 per cent more seats, with the "ultra high-density" seats reducing the space between rows. They will weigh half as much as existing seats.

                                                                                    - New Zealand Herald

So. What next?


Tuesday, 17 April 2018


I've got a sore knee.

I hurt this while playing that extreme sport - golf - back in November. See HERE
I thought that it was coming right but this is because after I was able to stop using the crutches I assumed that it was fixed. Wrong! It's been 5 months now and the knee still occasionally gives way on me  and I have to use a knee brace when walking, playing tennis and, yes, playing golf.

Time had run away on me though as I hadn't realised that it was so long ago that I hurt the knee. I had visited White Cross a couple of months ago but left when I saw how many people were waiting. Yesterday, after scaring myself by reading on the web about knee injuries and, if untreated can lead to arthritis problems, I went again to White Cross armed with my ACC letter (no payment required which saved me about $80). There didn't seem to be many people waiting so I fronted up and was asked to wait. For three bloody hours! This time I forgot to take my iPad or a book to read so sat there staring at the fish in the aquarium.

I glanced at the magazines on offer but then seeing and hearing spluttering, coughing, spitting and otherwise secreting other patients I decided against choosing a 2010 issue of North and South or last years Women's Weekly. I'm always wary of handling anything in doctor's and dentist's surgeries and even carefully choose supermarket trollies to use.

Eventually I was seen and here's where I get to one of the things I don't understand. When the doctor checked out my knee there was no pain when he manipulated it. None. I find that this often happens to me and I'm sure that it happens to others. At home the sickness or injury symptoms and pain are pronounced but try to explain it to the doctor and all is OK. What's that about? Is it some kind of bodily defense mechanism to not let strangers know your weaknesses or is it some sort of psychological thing? Now, today, the day after visiting the doctor my knee is more painful than before.

Fortunately the doc is aware of this phenomenon and wrote a referral letter for me to an orthopedic surgeon. I'll go and get a check up and a MRI scan which may lead to surgery to remove some damaged or rogue cartilage. Better to get this sort of thing sorted early before it leads to further problems eh?


There are many things in life that don't make sense to me and I'm not just talking about the big things like: The non-existence of god; why double basses have to be so big; why commercial cleaners reside in cupboards when at work; and, why I had to wait 3 hours at White Cross yesterday just to see a doctor.

Here is one of the things that mystify me:

"A Christchurch man has gone on hunger strike in a push for his earthquake insurance claim to be resolved.
Peter Glasson's home suffered significant damage in the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes, but he's still waiting on insurance company Southern Response to play fair.
"We have four engineering reports, one of which was paid for by Southern Response [which says] we have significant damage to our foundation," he told The AM Show.
"They then went and got another engineer who says we don't."
Mr Glasson says vowing off food, which he began on Tuesday morning, is his last resort.
"We've tried to speak to Southern Response. They're refusing to meet with us and refusing to discuss our claim and so it's just a very problematic position that we've got ourselves into.
"There must be another process that is a more practical process for resolving these claims than simply just delaying them like Southern Response does."
Insurance Claims Specialist Dean Lester says Mr Glasson's case is just the tip of the iceberg." - MSN

I mean, it's like saying "Give me what I want or I'll poke myself in the eye with a pointed stick." Ridiculous. I've never understood the hunger strike threat. If you don't want to eat then don't eat.

Yes, yes I'm aware of the famous hunger strikers around the world who have had very legitimate reasons for protesting but it still, to me is a strange way of threatening someone.

I liked Mel Brooks take on this in Blazing Saddles HERE

Monday, 16 April 2018


Having recovered from the excesses following (and during) THE CURMUDGEONS INC.ⓒ's April meeting, The Religious Curmudgeon has created a new post : HERE

Sunday, 15 April 2018



Welcome all of THE CURMUDGEONS INC.ⓒ and associates. Thanks for coming.

The Mundane Curmudgeon has done an attendance check and we have here:

The Curmudgeon (me, ha ha)
The Curmudgeon Express
The Religious Curmudgeon
The Darker Curmudgeon
The Curmudgeon's Agony Aunt
The Food Curmudgeon
The Philosophical Curmudgeon
The Curmudgeonly Luddite
The Cultured Curmudgeon
The Music Curmudgeon
The Twitter Curmudgeon
The Wine Guy
The Wine Guy (New)
The Wine Guy Express
Bas's Bag
Good Kiwi Bloke
Zweite Geige

and of course The Mundane Curmudgeon (ha ha).

This is a big meeting and The Mundane Curmudgeon has had a lot to do to get it underway but then, that's why he's The Mundane Curmudgeon I guess. On my recommendation he approached Richard's Bass Bagg (and its offshoots) and Robert to see if they could assist in the organising and to, of course attend the after-meeting piss-up wine tasting set up by The Wine Guy. There was no response from Richard (of RBB) but this might be because it's his wedding anniversary this weekend (either that or Shelley finally strangled him with a bass string). Richard's alter-egos seem to have ceased to be involved in the blogging community. Robert said that he'd like to give a hand but he has both hands occupied. Never mind, The Mundane Curmudgeon has it all sorted.

Now you'll notice that The Old Girl isn't here. I just drove her in to the airport for her flight to Auckland. Well, actually she drove as she wanted to try out the 'new' car and I drove home. As per usual she treated the Corolla like a rally car, testing it on corners with rapid gear changes, braking and acceleration and on the flat straights with full-on power. Frankly I was pleased to arrive in one piece but she is a good driver. I was a bit concerned though as she has hardly driven over the last 5 years and it is definitely 5 years since she drove a manual gear change car.

She is however now in Auckland so (coincidentally) we can have the meeting (thanks The Mundane Curmudgeon for keeping things schtum).


.............. (General business was discussed with some competitor analysis reported on. Points to note were the disappearance of Richard's Bass Bagg cohorts ( who may be sulking since the collapse of the Confederacy) and the ultimate failure (despite some promising signs) of Robert's blog in terms of coherency, consistency and durability.)

To conclude

The Curmudgeon: 

Right guys. As you know I have a lot of commitments on at present having sold our apartment and bought another, the paperwork, banking details and physical shift all has to happen before or on the 24th of this month. 

Zweite Geige:

Anzac Day is the day after on the 25th .....

The Curmudgeon: 

(through gritted teeth) Yes thanks for that ZG  (you little bastard Nazi) I know that and that's why the settlement day is being brought forward so that all good Kiwis can celebrate New Zealand's victories over the last two centuries ....

Zweite Geige:  

Hey, what are you implying you ....

The Curmudgeon:

How many World wars have you lot won then? ..

Zweite Geige:

Schweinhund!  I've been working hard to help my adopted country no matter how backward all you peasants are. I've ......

The Darker Curmudgeon:

Sit down you little cunt or I'll plant you ...

The Mundane Curmudgeon:

Ha ha ... guys....guys.... settle down OK

The Curmudgeon: 

Hey The Mundane Curmudgeon, let them have a go at each other. Look, it's been me (and the Religious and The Food Curmudgeons) who've been keeping things going recently. The rest of these lazy bastards have just been sitting around with their thumbs up their arses. I reckon....

The Cultured Curmudgeon:

You cunt!

The Philosophical Curmudgeon:

I say, The Cultured Curmudgeon, that's a bit strong isn't it?

The Curmudgeon's Agony Aunt:

You can fuck off too The Philosophical Curmudgeon, I'm sick of your trite observations and it's just as well that you haven't posted for a while. Enjoy that thumb up your arse did you? (sorry Robert).

General hubbub, shouting, fighting, bottles breaking etc

The Curmudgeon: 

Guys, guys , cut it out. The Wine Guy put on some great wines tonight (that he got free from sponsors). Settle down.

If you don't you can all fuck off as my pizza (home -made pepperoni) is nearly ready. This Villa Maria Cellar Selection Pinot Noir is pretty good - thanks The Wine Guy.




The weather has been odd over the last week.
A few days ago the temperature dropped to about 12 degrees and  it was cool enough to put a pullover on and even to consider lighting a fire in the evening.

This weekend it's back to over 20 degrees and after my walk this morning I'm boiling hot as Dad says when he takes his shirt off in Friday Night Dinner

"I'm boiling"

This prompted another 'BILLION DOLLAR IDEA'

I've had these before:






The Old Girl always says "You must be dreaming" but one of these days one of my ideas will come off.


Today my 'Eureka' idea is for every household to have a person-sized heating or cooling machine.
This device, a bit smaller than a shower cubicle could allow someone to step into it and set the mechanism to either instant heating or instant cooling - whichever is required.

The object is to quickly lower or increase body temperature to the ambient temperature in the house.
This would preclude the necessity of having to cool or warm the entire house when one is just temporarily too hot or too cold. 

For heating it will be like a human microwave oven, toaster or 'whirlpool' appliance .

For cooling it will be like a human sized version of a wine bottle cooler or instant cooldown fridges.

What could possibly go wrong?

Saturday, 14 April 2018


Richard and Shelley got married 34 years ago today. That's a hell of a long time ago until you remember how old Richard is and that this is only just over half of his lifetime. He wasted the rest of his years.

Apparently 34 years of marriage is Opel. I hope that he remembered to get Shelley one.

OPEL - Mokka-X


I was at Richard and Shelley's wedding in Northland (Wellington's version) in 1984. It was a good 'do'. I drove down from Auckland and parked the car in The James Cook hotel where I was staying and walked up to Northland. Shelley looked stunning and Richard behaved himself for a change.


Lynn and I celebrated our 30th 'anniversary' earlier this year. 30 years of being happily unmarried she said even if I didn't buy her a present. Time flies when you're having fun.


Congratulations Richard and Shelley. I trust that you have something nice planned for this evening and that you have some nice wine (or at least wine with labels on the bottles).



Thursday, 12 April 2018


The once mighty Richard's Bass Bag is now a mere shadow of its former self.
This blog was once rising so fast in worldwide readership that the URLM survey listed it in the top 10 million blogs in USA.
Sadly it has now slipped to a ranking of #37,587,984 see HERE

It's even slipped below this blog HERE and I'm pretty sure that even Robert's blogs will soon be outstripping it.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018


It's been cold today - at least 10 degrees lower  than it was last week. I decided to have a leisurely bath in the early afternoon. A chance for a soak and to read as it was starting to rain.

Sure enough as soon as I'd settled in there was a knock on the door. It was Rod my neighbour wanting to see my new car.  I ignored his knocking for a while and then recalled how years ago when I was living in Upland Road in Wellington I ignored a knock on the door when I was in the bath and bloody Mike Moroney stuck his head through the bathroom window. "Oh, you're in the bath" he said. WTF? Did he think I was on the toilet or something? If so what did he look in for? No wonder we called him Mike the moron.

Anyway I hastily dressed (still wet) and let Rod in. I showed him the car while ignoring his hints that a coffee would be nice. I did relent when he hinted at a game of snooker which we played before I tossed him out. I went back to my bath - now cooling and ran some more hot water. I'd just got in again when the phone rang.

It was the house phone and I ignored it as very few people ring me on the landline. I settled and began reading my book again. Then my cell phone rang. I thought I'd better answer this as I'd been in contact with the bank about some fraudulent charges on my credit card and it might have been them.

It wasn't.

It was Richard (of RBB). I told him that I'd just got out of the bath and was standing in the hallway naked and dripping. "Oh, I'm so sorry he said - I'll call you back later".

I got back into the bath and settled again.

30 seconds later my cellphone phone rang again. I got out and just said "Bastard!". There was no answer but I knew that it was Richard again. I gave up on the bath, dried off and dressed and went to the kitchen to prepare lunch. I rang Richard back on his cell phone (no answer) and left a message.
A few minutes later the landline rang again - Richard. We had a good chat.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018


I've been in Auckland for a day and night so didn't send out a post yesterday.

Richard (of RBB) kindly stepped up and wrote a post for me. You can see it: HERE

Now, it's not exactly riveting stuff being a bit derivative and lacking that acerbic edge that you know and love from THE CURMUDGEONS INCⓒ. posts but to give the old feller his due, he did make an effort. At least the grammar and spelling was on form.


I went to Auckland to buy a car and trade in my old one. This went successfully with the Toyota dealers taking my old car and me giving them a bucket full of cash. I drove the new (ish) car home today and it went really well. I've been driving an old and underpowered car for the last four years so it's good to get behind the wheel of a newer, safer and more powerful car. It handled well in the violent storm that hit Auckland today - thunderstorms, high winds and very heavy rain.


A surprise on the trip was buying another apartment. I hadn't expected to do this so soon but we looked at it and, as it's unoccupied made an offer which was accepted with settlement being the same day as the settlement for our apartment we've just sold - in two weeks. It's going to be a busy time organising the money, the paperwork and the move all before the 24th.

It's a really nice apartment but unusual in that even though it's a one-bedroom apartment it has two bathrooms. Richard would be really pleased with the ratio of 2 bathrooms with every bedroom as he could definitely have his own one and not let anyone else use it.

Apparently the current owner started renovations with a view to having two studio apartments each with a bedroom/living area and a bathroom but would have to share a kitchen. This patently wasn't going to work but meantime he'd created another bathroom (shower, toilet, wash basin - quite roomy really) so there is a large bedroom with a bathroom off it and a large lounge also with a bathroom off it and a kitchen. It has large windows and lots of natural light so The Old Girl will be fine using it during the week while she works in Auckland.


Another surprise was getting the on-line Visa bill which was more than $10,000 than I expected. I checked all the transactions and found a whole lot totalling about $10,000 for hotel accommodation and other purchases in Amsterdam.


I don't know how this has happened as we haven't lost our credit cards but may have been skimmed somewhere. Either that or the various providers we regularly use and pay automatically on Visa card have been hacked. Companies like Uber, Genesis Energy, Fine Wines-on-line, Air NZ, Netflix, My Lotto, Apple, Intercity Bus, Ticketmaster etc. We will just have to stop paying these by card and organise direct debit. The bank has cancelled our cards and will reissue with new ones. They will also investigate the transactions and hopefully reverse them.

It's really shitty that scrotes go about doing this. Now we're old buggers but still managed to notice the fraud and hopefully will get it sorted but how many other people get spurious charges on their credit card bills without noticing it?

Saturday, 7 April 2018


  The Old Girl and I have a new tradition of late Saturday afternoon (before preparing dinner) -  pool in the snooker room.

 (She doesn't play snooker because she thinks that I'm unfair when I 'snooker' her. ("That's very unfriendly" she exclaimed once, not grasping the fundamentals of the games and the origin of the game's name.)

So we play pool. She's getting quite good at it I must admit. Last weekend she beat me - just, and tonight she beat me two games to one.

We invariably share a bottle of sparkling wine or Champagne while playing. Tonight it was the good old favourite Deutz Blanc De Blanc sparkling, one of New Zealand's best and most consistent Methode Champenoise.

Normally over $40 to $44 a bottle so when I saw it on special at a supermarket recently at $18.99 (I suspect that they priced it wrong) I bought as much as I could.

We usually listen to collected music on the iPod (tonight The Rolling Stones Blues Songs).

Dinner was Chilli prawn stir fry with angel hair pasta followed by rhubarb sponge. Magic.

Oh, and we followed the Deutz with a bottle of Novum Marlborough Pinot Noir - one of the best Pinot Noirs from Marlborough that I've tasted.


It looks like I've bought another car. I'm driving to Auckland on Monday to finalise the deal. They are taking the Toyota Ist as a trade-in and, if they accept it after an inspection and pay me the agreed amount then I'll drive away with the 'new' one.

Buying: 2016 Toyota Corolla

Trading in: 2004 Toyota Ist

It's not new as it's a 2016 model but has low mileage (we don't say kilometerage for some reason) at 30,000 Kms. It's a Toyota Signature car though which means that it comes with all the warranties and guarantees that the Signature Class cars come with.

I like the little Ist but it's getting a bit old and has done over 163,000 kms. I need a more robust car for trips to Auckland and a bigger motor to tow my garden trailer.

No doubt The Old Girl won't allow me to put all the garden rubbish inside the 'new' car so the dealers are putting a tow bar on it for me this weekend.

Friday, 6 April 2018


THE RELIGIOUS CURMUDGEON creeps us out with a new post HERE


Ninox novaeseelandiae 

I love this bird - the Ruru according to Maori or Morepork as the white settlers named it.
The haunting night call is well etched in my memory from days of camping, tramping and living near the bush in Wellington and elsewhere.

Listen HERE (there's an audio file).

A family of Ruru live in one of the nearby pohutukawa trees and it's lovely to hear them at night.

Over Easter, we were sitting on the deck after dinner. It was a pleasant still evening and we stayed there as it got dark and watched the stars emerging. A special thing happened which I hadn't experienced before. A Ruru flew up and sat on the telephone wire above our head - really close.
It sat there watching us for quite a while.


Thursday, 5 April 2018


NOT THESE (although they are bad enough)


I got stung by a wasp when I was pulling out weeds this early evening. Bastard!

I put some apple cider vinegar and honey on the sting point and am using an ice pack which seems to be working. As a consequence I smell yummy. It's just as well The Old Girl is in Auckland or she wouldn't be able to keep her hands off me.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018


Robert commented "Do not knock it. It sounds special and nice to me." on Richard's latest post where he recounted meeting some piwakawaka on a walk today - HERE AGAIN

I've got no argument against that although I object to Robert calling me out for bantering with Richard. That's none of his business.

I like fantals or piwakawaka as they are named in New Zealand. We have a lot of nice coastal bush walks close to where we live and the piwakawaka flit around us as we pass. They also follow me when I'm playing golf. It is magic and nice and I am pleased that Richard has experienced and enjoyed this as well.

A couple of years ago I photographed a piwakawaka from the top of the Kauri Mountain walk nearby.

It was a magic moment as Richard and Robert have said.



"Yay! No work today"

It's Wednesday after Easter. I call today Easter Wednesday.

The Old girl went back to Auckland this morning. Geoff went back to Wellington yesterday - Easter Tuesday.

One of the great things about being retired is that holidays are not spoiled by the dread of going back to work. You know that down feeling you get on a Sunday afternoon even if it's been a great weekend because you know that you have to go to work on Monday?

Well for me that's not the case anymore. I do admit that I used to enjoy working when I was doing a real job some years ago. the work was challenging and interesting and I feel that I made a great contribution. In recent years though, doing contract and part-time work I Never had the same stimulation so am glad that I opted out of it last year.

I keep busy where I can with community work and make an effort to keep reasonably fit through walking, swimming, golfing, kayaking and playing tennis. The great thing about all of this though is that I do it when I want to and don't if I don't want to.

I've been busy this morning - taking The Old Girl to the bus, shopping, looking for a car to buy, looking on the internet for another apartment to buy (our sale went unconditional yesterday) and doing washing and housework. It's too hot to do gardening and weeding which I can do now since I bought a trailer last week.


I see that Richard has been keeping busy by writing music, practising on his double bass (you'd think he'd got the hang of it by now) and walking up the hill at the back of his property. He posted about this HERE

It used to be cows that he was afraid of but now it's fantails. His hand was obviously shaking as he took a photograph during the bird 'attack'.

Either that or he'd had too many chardonnays before the walk.

Monday, 2 April 2018


The religious people have done their thing and now hopefully are enjoying a holiday Monday without feeling that they have to pray and or flagellate themselves.

Richard is being nice to Robert which suggests that he might have a birthday or something coming up soon. The old guy turns 96 this year I think.

I don't know why they call this Monday 'Easter Monday'. The Christians don't have any official day named 'Easter Monday'. Mind you the whole concept of Easter isn't really real in religion - it was a fabrication of the Catholic Church a few centuries ago. They cobbled together pagan beliefs and rituals and applied it to some sort of time governed by the movement of the sun, moon and planets. Anyway, it keeps Robert happy. He can talk to his flying mythological friend and ask it for things.

I've had an enjoyable Easter even without Easter Eggs (the chocolate sort not those boring painted ones that Europeans make to disappoint children). We had Hot Cross Buns bought from Countdown that were singularly awful - dry, flavourless and bugger all sultanas. Next year I'll make my own.

We have a guest staying and another friend around for dinner last night. We've been for coastal walks and swims every day and yesterday I played 9 holes of golf with my sister and family. The weather is gorgeous.

I've just been for a long kayak around the bay and then for a swim and am now enjoying a flat white coffee made in my trusty Espresso Vita machine.


Robert has freaked out The Religious Curmudgeon. HERE