Tuesday, 27 October 2009


McLeod Bay where I am moving to I am happy to say has a sort of historical connection with me. I really like the place and in a strange sort of way it is like going home. The bay is named after Rev. Norman Mcleod who, in 1855 settled there with a large group of fellow Scots. These Scots originally came from the West Coast of Scotland and at first emigrated to Nova Scotia, leaving there after drought and famine decimated the community before sailing to Victoria, Australia and ultimately New Zealand. My lot, the McDonalds were part of that journey and, as they were boat builders, would have been involved in building the sailing ships that took them from Nova Scotia to Australia and New Zealand. The McDonalds that I come from stayed on in Australia (farming at Tullamarine, Melbourne) before finally making the journey to Marlborough. Other McDonalds, some sort of kin, made the earlier trip with the McLeods and settled at Whangarei Heads. There is a McDonald's Island in McLeod Bay - a sort of gigantic sand bar that disappears at full tide. I like this connection. The place name suits.

I have been making a few trips up to McLeod Bay over the last week, taking up possessions and generally getting to know the area a lot more. I have noticed that there is a small place near Te Hana on the way up to Whangarei named Kuntara. Now, if Richard ever decided to to settle up North.....

Sunday, 25 October 2009


If the best blokes attend Tony's wedding wearing the regalia of The White Sport Coat and Pink Carnation Society it might be embarrassing for Richard given his last placing in the pecking order. He was the self-appointed king in the society after all.


Tony and Alison are getting married in February.
It won't be a traditional wedding and instead of a 'best man' Tony will have 'best blokes'.
Today we had a BBQ lunch at their place and selected the pecking order of the' best blokes'. Mike and I will share the first place. Richard, who didn't show will have to be last.

Saturday, 24 October 2009


There are many packing styles. Here are two of them:

First method is to gather together like items, usually from the same room, carefully wrap them and place in the cardboard or plastic boxes according to function, size or fragility. The boxes are then marked (on all sides) with a number which is cross referenced to a computer spreadsheet which itemises all the contents of the box. The box is also marked with a large asterisk which apparently means that the contents are fragile. The box may also be marked with a circle with a dot in it which apparently means that the contents of the box will not be required immediately at the new house!

The second method involves grabbing anything and everything within reach and stuffing into a carton which is taped and stacked for removal.

I have one method and The Old Girl has the other. I wonder which will prove to be the best at the other end?

Friday, 23 October 2009


"The prisoner who walked away from a minimum security prison yesterday was a murderer and double rapist whose crimes shocked the nation more than two decades ago."

NZPA report this morning.

What's wrong with this statement?

A murderer and double rapist (the crime was extremely horrific - the guy is an animal) is in minimum security that he can just walk away from.

This presupposes that mere armed robbers and vicious assault criminals are kept in day care kindergartens or similar.

Things like this make me think that Garth McVicar is on the right track.

Saturday, 17 October 2009


I've sold the picture framing gallery. This means I can leave for the North without having to worry about it anymore.
I enjoyed the experience, learning a new 'trade' and interfacing with customers again after many years absence. When I settle in McLeod Bay I'll have to take up something else, maybe musical instrument making. I mean, how hard could it be to knock up something like a double bass. Its not like the sounds coming out of it are important and as they always seem to be stuck way at the back of orchestras and bands they don't have to look that flash. Any commissions?

Saturday, 10 October 2009


Sale and purchase have both gone through. We're committed now so will be at McLeod Bay on 30 October. Will look forward to visitors - we have the room.

Friday, 2 October 2009


I may be a Curmudgeon but underneath I am quite sensitive. Richard and his sidekicks' disparaging comments about my picture framing has finally got to me. I am abandoning the picture framing. Today we sold our house in Auckland and bought another one in the far North to get far away from all the derisive laughter and snide comments.
Satisfied Richard?


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