Tuesday, 29 July 2008


I work.
I don't want to work but I have to.
I tried not working which was great but no money came in and I felt unfulfilled.
I work, earn money and try to live on that.
To live, I have to buy food, generally from bloody supermarkets which I hate but they have a monopoly on availability and parking.
Nowadays, when I enter and leave supermarkets I have to run the gauntlet of buskers, charity donation gatherers, beggars and do-gooders- with -causes.
Hey! We support three registered charities with automatic payments going to them not to mention the bloody IRD (Bastards! they sent me a letter charging me $250 fine for a 1 day overdue payment for $140 GST return. A printed envelope came with it for return and in the box at the top where it usually says 'Postage paid' it said 'place postage stamp here'.)
How much money do we have to give? And why feel guilty when we don't.
And why give money to some useless bloody bass player playing out of tune (how would you know with a bass player anyway?).

Friday, 18 July 2008


Generally I don't mind queuing - it's often necessary and should be done in a fair and orderly manner kind of like I remember the tuck-shop queue at school where everyone (except that fat kid) would behave themselves and line up to be served.
Today though when I discovered that my drivers license was due to expire I went to the Land Transport (AA) office to renew and discovered that they still adopted the same methods as in the days when I queued at the tuck shop. They haven't moved on. In the days now of on-line business in all forms, why should it take so bloody long to simply renew a license and pay your fees.
I parked on a downtowm 'meter' for an hour (cost me four bucks!) and went in to the office where there was a long queue. Halfway through the queue a helpful advisor came along to check what everone was queuing for (one queue and at least five different functions needed - new license, renewed license, driving test application etc.) and established I needed a special form and had to leave the queue (as others did), go to a console and fill it out and then rejoin the queue.
Watching the processing of people in front I observed that it took at least ten minutes each for people to hand over the form, probably recount their life story, get photographed etc before paying their forty bucks. Fuck! I have had a drivers license for forty years and still have to go through this shit. Halfway down the line I realised that my parking meter time had run out so I had to leave. An hour and a quarter of wasted time without a result. Archaic.

Thursday, 10 July 2008


I never liked that wanker Tony Veitch. He was always too smart-assed with his blokesy attitude and scathing racist and anti-women jokes so I'm not surprised to hear of his latest misfortunes (not to mention the misfortune of his ex-partner). Good riddance to him if he gets dumped off all media.
Other wankers of note that have fallen from grace are Brent Todd, Matthew Ridge and Marc Ellis (although Ellis has a bit of boyish charm about him that allows him to get away with a lot, and he did have the guts to front up early in regard to the drug charge).
All of these tossers though seem to share the same behaviour traits, social circles and media grandstand (those laddish TV sports programmes that are so offensive and low-brow). They all expect us to think they are wonderful and above all laws. Well, reality hurts and I hope their little acolytes out there watching the TV screens can see them for what they really are. Wankers.


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