Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Richard (of Richard's Bass Bag), another grumpy old man sometimes rants and raves about cyclists. Recently I have had experiences that make me understand where he is coming from.
What's worse than one of those multi-coloured imitation Italian nancies on a fragile and wobbly machine? Answer- two of them riding side-by-side taking up a whole lane. Twice recently I have rounded a corner and nearly collected the idiots while they meander along chatting to each other.
Get a tandem or, better still, go to the gym!

Sunday, 28 September 2008


Admittedly it is the really bad ones that get the exposure - Fay, Richwhite, Petrocivic, all the various leaders of recently collapsed finance companies, the old 'corporation' bandits of 1987 - but there are many out there that I know who are self-serving and uncaring. Their mantra (which disguises their own golden parachute production) is 'we must get the best return for our shareholders'. They pay lip-service to staff by incorporating crap phrases into their mission statements like 'our people are our most important asset". Yeah right - this 'most important asset' is the first to get dumped when shareholders investments are a bit down - look at Cadbury, Feltex and a host of other producers recently.

I don't buy into 'CEO's are really nice people'.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


The Wine Guy is being a bit blasphemous taking the piss out of Popes in Robert's latest blog.

I did think it funny though so looked up blasphemy and was led to a blog named "the Stubborn Curmudgeon' - a man after my own heart (he can't have it - it's gone!).

In his blog he has this funny picture of blasphemeous behaviour.

Sunday, 21 September 2008


Last week when The Old Girl was returning from overseas I bought flowers to brighten up the house for her arrival. As I was running late the night before I bought the flowers at Foodtown supermarket being attracted by the 'Fresh' signs all over the cellophane wrappers. I bought many bunches of them outlaying (in men's terms) a small fortune.

I was bitterly disappointed when putting them in vases to find that they were nowhere near fresh and were looking a bit sad - not at all like the ones I get from our local florist. As it was 8PM and T.O.G. was arriving at 5AM next morning there was nothing I could do to remedy the situation. I wasn't going to let it go though so I sent a letter of complaint via the web to Foodtown, quoting the purchase docket details and my dissatisfaction. After several days of to and fro e-mails, Kristin from Foodtown customer services came through brilliantly, personally delivering a very nice bunch of flowers and a beautiful cymbidium plant . This was much appreciated and I have told her so.

Now, whilst I still am disappointed in general with supermarkets offerings (carefully check out the fruit and veg and don't buy anything in cellophane) I am impressed with the handling of my complaint.

Sometimes it pays to be a curmudgeon and complain

Saturday, 13 September 2008


There are some really miserable bastards out there you know. Now I have been known to complain a bit but I see myself as a grumpy bastard with all rights to be so having served a long apprenticeship in living. I don't see myself as a miserable bastard. I do try and help out where I can and when the recipient is deserving.

The other day there was a Sideswipe report (Sideswipe is a column in the NZ Herald that has interesting stories from everyday life in New Zealand) that some miserable bastard sent a text message along the lines of "... can't you read. What part of 'no unsolicited mail' can't you understand etc..." to a woman who put little slips of paper in letter boxes in Point Chevalier advertising that her cat was missing and put her cell-phone number as a contact.

Life is hard enough without fuckwits like this grinding us all down further.

I hope that cat gets its own back on the MB!

Saturday, 6 September 2008


Remember when there were phone boxes on every corner in the city and reliably in each little suburb usually by the bus stop next to the grocery store or dairy? Sure sometimes some drunks in the city or kids in the suburbs would piss in them occasionally but normally they were functional.
Then our telecommunications provider, previously the good old Post Office got rid of the phone boxes and gave us little cubicles - I guess so people would feel less inclined to piss in them.
Next our telecommunications provider(s) decided that too many public phones in cubicles (with or without the piss) made it too easy for the public to choose not to buy those cute little (and hellishly expensive to run) cellphones, so, they have conspired to get rid of the public pay-phone system.
When they do feel obliged to provide them (in areas easy for them to service) and cosmetically very rarely placed on public streets, they don't accept coins they are cards only. Another barrier?
Today I was out and about and really needed to find a telephone box or cubicle or kiosk - anything. I drove for miles up and down streets to no avail. Eventually after about a half hour I found a kiosk (card only). The thing is though I wasn't looking for a telephone box to use a phone, I've got two of those horrible mobile devices of my own - I was looking for a telephone book (white pages) to find an address I needed.
Hey! Guess what I found?
Some useless, waste of space bastard had taken the white pages and shredded the yellow ones.
Now why would anyone do that? What is the point?
On the one hand we have evil corporates steering us in directions they want us to go whilst telling us it is all for our benefit and giving us greater choices (yeah right), and on the other hand we have a great portion of the public who piss on, trash, burn, break and ruin the public assets, the very things that they can truly 'own' and that are useful to them like bus shelters, telephone boxes, railway stations, buses etc. and being too fucking stupid to realise that by doing this they are playing into the hands of the Corporates......whew! Got that off my chest.


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