Thursday, 27 November 2008

Monday, 24 November 2008


"Still, I'd like to know why he made women so complicated." said Richard in a coment in a previous post.

I'm sure all men ask themselves this frequently.

Women are mysterious and do things in ways that men find confusing and complicated.

One of the many differences between men and women is in the 'getting ready' to go out.

After the showers and dressing men are usually the first to be ready and, anxiously looking at watches and out windows for taxis, when they ask the question "are you ready yet", the "just a minute" answer is always forthcoming.

Finally the woman will emerge from the bathroom and state that she is ready. It is only then that she will look for the jewellery to match the outfit. This last minute addition can take at least 5 minutes often more. It is not a simple case of grabbing an earring or two and a bracelet as a man would do but involves trying on numerous combinations, often involving reconsideration of clothing choices. Why can't women have the earrings already matched up with the necklaces and other junk so that its just a matter of grabbing the set and going. When I suggested this to the Old Girl I received that "poor man he just doesn't understand" look.


The picture I posted earlier of Richard holding a baby makes me think of the magic of life in the constant refreshing that happens. New life replaces the old and, whilst doing so can rejuvenate the ageing.

Writing that I think about Lynn's Godson who visits us a lot. He is a two year old with a lovely nature and the ability to light up a room. He is not the sort of kid that creates tension amongst oldies as he is well behaved and never seems likely to smash something - he invariably asks if he can touch something or pick it up.

We have had losses recently and the presence of the Godson is like a catharsis.

I wish everyone could feel like that in the presence of little children but recent news events have shown that not to be true. Poverty of spirit is infinitely worse than material poverty.

Friday, 21 November 2008


Here's a close to home picture for Robert.

Maybe he should reconsider his belief in Creationism and have another look at Evolution.

Thursday, 20 November 2008


After watching 'One Foot In The Grave' tonight on UKTV I channel surfed and found on TV2 a programme named SCU (Serious Crash Unit).

Having missed the beginning I was confronted immediately with police officers investigating a death by accident where a pedestrian was run over. This is at 7.30PM on mainstream TV. The investigators were looking at marks on the road and concluding that the stains etc. were where the woman basically melted into the tarmac after being dragged 12 metres under the car that ran her over. Almost gleefully the investigators pointed out highlights saying at one stage "Oh, her head must have hit here".

I am not familiar with this programme and initially thought it was a spoof programme like Little Britain etc. After watching 'One Foot In The Grave' I was conditioned to the bizarre take on life that that comedy has - I was unprepared for this as real life in a kind of documentary. The problem is this 'documentary' is just tasteless, sensationalist crap at the lowest level. Have we really sunk this low in Reality TV?

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


The Old Girl suggested that I do something to earn money again.

I gave up my full-time job (again) on Friday 31 October. Her suggestion came on Saturday 1st November having given me almost a day of holiday. She went shopping and came home with the idea of a local business to buy. We looked it up on Trade Me and rang about it to discover that it was the wrong one, this one in another suburb. Over the last two weeks I have researched the businesses and decided to buy both of them and combine them (after all Robert has two sheds). I bought both today. Now I have to learn the Trade. I could do with Robert's handyman skills (and his sheds). I'd ask Richard for advice but that shelf he made looks a bit dodgy.

Oh - The businesses are Picture Framing.

Friday, 14 November 2008


More than 80% of Maori live in urban areas. Most are in the main metropolitan centres with a quarter living in Auckland alone. This was not always the case obviously. In the late 1930's over 80% of Maori were living in rural areas. During the Second World War, however, young Maori were ‘manpowered’ into industries to support the war effort beginning the urban drift.

Initially, the change brought greater education, prosperity and acceptance for most with the governments of the day encouraging the move and assisting with jobs and accommodation. Over time however when the industries closed down and the state accommodation fell into disrepair the advancements have not seemed so attractive. Maori it seems, have wanted a change.

Settlement of large land claims has brought new wealth to some Maori Iwi and the urbanisation has become corporatisation. This I believe is one of the driving forces behind the new Maori political leaders. It explains the movement away from the traditional Labour support that attracted Maori voters and why they now seem so intent on getting into bed with National. Sure they will chase down promises of Maori Seat retention, seabed and foreshore legislation review amongst others that Shonkey will be more than happy at this stage to pay lip-service to. But it is most important to remember the roots that are more akin to Labour than National. In fact, apart from what the Maori leadership says, only 2.2% of votes went to the Maori Party and surveys have suggested that more Maori voted Labour than National in the general seats. OK, dance with National if you want but watch your toes!

Monday, 10 November 2008


The fabricated pop music of the late 80's and 90's that gave us boy bands and girl bands with the nadirs of Milli Vanilli and Spice Girls, is, in the world of politics alive and well having given us John Keys.

Who is the Frank Farian or Simon Fuller who invented this latest National leader clone? Whoever it is is obviously brilliant or very very lucky. Whoever would have thought that a prissy financial trader who can't even properly pronounce the name of the country that he has been elected to represent has now became New Zealand's (yes John with a 'Z') latest Prime Minister.

John Key appeared on the scene in 2001 at the time of another fabrication - the creation of the new Hellensville electorate. In 2004, Key was promoted to the Opposition front benches by Don Brash (remember him?) and made the party spokesman for finance. Two years later after Brash's ignominious departure Key took over as leader of the opposition - master plan or luck - you choose.

Are we at the mercy of a clever svengali? Whatever. I certainly don't like the music that's being made.

Monday, 3 November 2008


"I've been replaced by a box...It's standard procedure apparently for a man my age. The next stage is to stick you inside one." - Victor Meldrew in the first episode of One Foot in the Grave.

I sort of know how Victor felt as I have just given up my job and am going once more into semi-retirement. Although I have chosen to do this I will be, like Victor, looking for things to do to keep me busy. No doubt once again I will find day-to-day things that are stupid, irksome and frustrating on which I will tell you about given that I will have time to publish posts.

Grumpy Old Man Returns.


Well why not since Robert's been banging on about the Catholic Catechism and its virtues even while there's a backdrop of priests, b...