Saturday, 29 August 2015


I'm using The Old Girl's Mum's Compaq laptop as I've been unable to blog using my Apple Air laptop for some reason and using the iPad is a pain because I can't add images to the posts which, as you know makes them bloody boring because my readers probably only look at the pictures finding the words a bit difficult to understand. As they probably read out loud or at least move their lips when reading this limits them accessing the blog while in social situations.

When are your readers ever in social situations you might ask, and of course you are correct.
Robert aka Second Fiddle aka Grandad aka Godonlyknowswhat most likely hides in his shed to read and write blog posts.
This would be OK but his sheds ( or at least the one at his workplace) doesn't have a light source which might explain the unusual spelling and incomprehensible grammar he uses and of course the regular blog deletions.

The other 50% of my readership, Richard of RBB can read but by the time he gets to reading my posts is probably too pissed on chardonnay to even move his lips while reading which makes big and brightly coloured images essential.

Here goes: a trial image.

Se that?


Good let's move on.

I've been walking around a lot in York  and, contrary to what Godonlyknowswhat thinks we haven't got a car here.

The streets are cobbled though and at some point I twisted my knee and found it hard to walk. As the gym I go to is a 20 minute walk away I bought a second hand mountain bike off a trading website to get me around. Although my knee is now mended I still ride the bike about.

This is interesting as I haven't ridden a bike for many years. They say it's easy - "just like riding a ...." and I've taken to it well. The interesting thing is that like Richard, I've complained in the past about bloody cyclists taking up the road and annoying motorists. Ha!

I don't wear a helmet as it's not compulsory here and York is a very bicycle friendly city. Thee are many cycle lanes and, when there aren't the motorists actually drive slowly behind without tooting, gesturing or dangerously overtaking (well Richard of RBB doesn't live here you see).
I wear shorts and a tee shirt and a cap (not a Yorkshire flat cap like Andy Capp) and not those disgusting advertising covered lycra.

The thing is though I'm getting a sore bum from riding, especially when going over the cobbles so I kind of envy those twerps in their padded lycra pants.


I like John Oliver. His retakes of the news are insightful and very funny. Have a look via the link below at his latest review of Facebook...