Monday, 8 September 2014


I watched John Campbell on TV3 tonight - not unnusual as I've recently moved over to this channel.

I used to be a TVOne stalwart but over the last few years the triteness, loss of journalistic values and overt employment of blonde bimboes has driven me away.

Anyway, as I said, I watched Campbell on TV3 and was particularly struck by a segment on the problems that Christchurch residents are having with trying, three and a half years later, to get settlement and resolution from the insurance companies and official bodies that have given them the run around and made their lives miserable.
Oh, and many are still living in a vitual refugee camp existence.

It resonated with me and I suddenly thought (before the woman being interviewed concluded with the comment "..I hope that Nicki Hagar is watching because there's a book in here..", that there is a film or TV series in here.

I am blessed with having intelligent, educated and talented friends. I reckon that between us we could knock together a TV series that encaptures the daily struggles, trials, hopes and aspirations of the 'inmates' down there.
The concept is in being a drama based on the interactions of a seemingly diverse group of people but underlying they all are connected through the Christchurch earthquake and subsequent issues and problems.

I'm sure that writing, organising, musical scoring, performing, marketing and business management is totally withing the experience and abilities of myself, Tony, Mike, Richard and his Bros and we could even find roles for Noel and Yort.

It's a great idea but as we all have day jobs it'll never happen.

With apologies (and a nod) to Treme.

Friday, 5 September 2014


"Whiskey bottles and brand new cars.......Oo Oo that smell..." Yes, freshly baked bread, barrel fermented Chardonnay, handfuls of fresh herbs ... these smells are evocative. I got the new company car today. 13KM's on the clock. brand new inside and out.

 Oo Oo that smell!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


There's no need to attack him in the way that some idiots are currently doing.

Sure he's a slimy, untrustworthy snake of a man who embarrasses himself and the country whenever he mangles the English language but for some strange reason half the population seem to like him (poor deluded fools).

So even though I neither like nor trust him I am appalled at those scrotes who've released a song threatening to kill him.

        "I'm gonna kill the Prime Minister cos we all down here suffering and that             ************ ain't do nothing."

They haven't got the guts to admit that it's a violent political attack and hide behind the fact that it's 'just a song'. Yeah right.

In the same song they say they'd like to f### the PM's daughter ....

              "One of these days, I'm going to f*** your daughter."

Well.... perhaps a bit of decorum is called for.

The other scrote is this zeppelin that's recently blown onto our shores.

Man, what a fat fool. His most recent smirking and preening interviews were like a 10 year old trying to be clever. His reminiscences of his juvenile hacking while in Germany and his almost giggling announcement that he'll get the dodgy Julian Assange to aid in his expose of Key really shows his character. How the f### he can appeal to  a few percent of the population is beyond me. I think we're breeding a nation of idiots


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I'm working from home in my new job which certainly has its advantages dress wise.

Apartment living is great in the winter because high rise buildings tend to have good ambient temperature and apartments generally don't need extra warming especially on a sunny day when the sun shines through the windows. This means that I can amble around wearing very, very light clothing knowing that no-one is going to look in a window or come knocking on the door (secure entrance from the street means visitors have to call to be let in).

I only have to dress 'proper' if I have a meeting in the city somewhere.

You have to be careful though if answering a call on Skype or Facetime when the setting is to video.