Monday, 24 April 2017


I'm not in Auckland so won't be able to go to the Dawn Parade tomorrow. That's a shame as I have always liked attending this when I can.

My sister no doubt will be there playing drum in a pipe band. Good on her. I should have given her dad's war medals to carry.

I'll go up to the local club I belong to for the 2PM service. It is good but the later-in-the-day services don't have the same edge that the dawn services have.

Richard, bless him. will be playing trumpet (bugle?) at two services tomorrow. I hope that he doesn't ruin his lips so he can't give Shelley a kiss when he gets home.

I don't know if Robert will be playing at any ANZAC services. In my experience there's not a great demand for fiddle players - although I might be wrong. He'll probably be busy selling illegal cakes at a fair and arguing with Seventh Day Adventists or Mormons or someone anyway.

Anyway, enjoy the day but not too much as the day is after all a remembrance of fallen soldiers.

Sunday, 23 April 2017


Windows 9?

No, just kidding.

I'd like to post a lot more windows but a grumpy old sourpuss from the Lower Hutt electorate has complained. Sorry about that.

I read this guys post today:


He bangs on about visiting Wellington's waterfront which is a pretty brave thing to do at any time of the year except in the 2 weeks of summer they have down there.

He also recounts how he went into an Italian wine shop and bought a bottle of Bardolino which he apparently drunk before creating his blog post. At least that makes sense. He finishes the post by saying:

"Now I am a little bit pissed. Ma chiva piano va sano e va lontano."

Which I think, given my limited understanding of Italian, means "My Piano has been drinking" a line that he stole from the great Tom Waits:


Now this piano obviously liked a drop or two I only hope that it had the good sense to drink a decent Italian red wine like a Barolo, a Chianti Classico, a Barbaresco, a Barbera d'Asti, a Gattinara, a Brunello or Harvey's Bristol Cream..

Saturday, 22 April 2017


Not this

I'm excited at the acceptance of my new 'Windows' series. It's smashed all records - ha ha, did you see what I did there? Smashed all records. All of my blog followers have now created their own 'Windows posts although I seriously doubt their dedication and stamina so they will probably fizzle out.

Quite frankly, if they hadn't shown so much interest by copying the theme I might have discontinued it.

I took some more photographs of windows in the house and today will show you another one.

This one is of a door in one of the spare bedrooms. It leads out to the path at the side of the house.
I'm not sure why this was ever installed but will come in handy if we do the Air B&B thing so that a guest can have an additional exit/entrance.

I like this doorway because it has a really nice Nikau palm tree outside set in a garden of ferns. It is on the west side of the house so the afternoon sunlight filters nicely through it.

Good news is that I have a lot more windows in the house and will keep taking and posting photographs for your enjoyment.