Friday, 31 October 2014


I have always liked that description - 'Driving furiously'.

I remember studying this in Criminal Law, one of the law papers I did at university.
I think it's still on the statute books. It related to driving horses and carriages in the pre-car days.

It also reminds me of a story an Aunt told me about my Dad during the war. Dad was in the Divisional Cavalry and drove light tanks, staghounds and bren carriers.

On a furlough back to NZ he 'borrowed' his father's car one Saturday night and took his sisters on a jaunt around hometown Blenheim.
Travelling a bit fast down the main street he encountered the new roundabout and managed to swerve to avoid the mound in the middle but went through a hedge and onto a public garden. The sisters shrieked and started to panic but Dad said "don't worry, I've driven through rougher places in the desert" and proceeded to continue across the lawn and through the hedge at the other side.
Next morning on the way to Sunday church Dad's father (in the cleaned up and polished car), when he saw the mess to the park said something like "Darned hooligans, driving furiously". It was all that my Aunt could do to not laugh and blurt out the truth as she was one of the sisters in the car the night before.

Anyway, I'm off to watch Fury, the Brad Pitt WW2 film about tank action. I hope it's good. We haven't had a decent WW2 film since Saving Private Ryan. There have been a couple of other ones but they were pathetic (Inglorious Basterds and The Monument Men). Pity we don't get any good British WW2 films anymore.

Thursday, 30 October 2014


I've arranged to reduce my working hours by 50%, so instead of 40 hours a week I'll be doing 20 hours.
Of course I'll only be paid for 20 hours but what the heck - last year I was earning nothing.

Basically there isn't enough to do to justify the role being full time. I got sick of having to do weekly reports trying to show activity and of my boss ringing up and asking "what'd you do yeserday" etc.
I told him that I don't want to be treated like an office junior and am basically not happy doing nothing.

I made arrangements for the reduction starting November 1.

This isn't the first time I've done this.
With the previous job I had before going to Canada I arranged for the role to be reduced from 5 days a week to 3 days, thus enabling an administrative assistant to be employed using the funds saved.

In this current job I've arranged the reduction with the proviso that it can become full time again as I develop international markets.

In the interim I will contract for 20 hours. There could be tax savings in this (claiming rebates for home office use etc.

It means that I can also look for other contract work to do in the other 20 hours ............

Or do this:

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Living on my own it becomes a bit of a chore cooking every night.
I like cooking and think I do a good job. We used to take turn about but for the last year as The Old Girl was working and I wasn't I did all the cooking. This current year as she's on her own in Canada and I'm here we have to fend for ourselves.

Cooking for two is easier than cooking for one as the portions are easier to manage.

I haven't quite got the portions right for cooking for one and always make too much.

I freeze the remainder of course but get a bit tired of reheating something out of the freezer.

Living in the central city is a plus though as there are plenty of options within easy walking distance whether dining or takeaways. Although there are no decent, old-fashioned fish 'n' chip shops - see here:

there are plenty of burger places.

Burger Fuel at the top of Queen St is good. I like the different combinations they offer and the quality is great.

I think I'll have one tonight.