Monday, 16 January 2017


Yes. all good things must pass.

I took 3 weeks off for Christmas and New Year (11 actual holiday days) and just lazed about.

As I've been under the weather we didn't do much other than sit around, read, go for swims etc. but now, with Monday being the first day back at work I've had to spend time in the study on the computer.

Sunday, 15 January 2017


The total energy of a system can be subdivided and classified in various ways. For example, classical mechanics distinguishes between kinetic energy, which is determined by an object's movement through space, and potential energy, which is a function of the position of an object within a field.

 - with thanks to Wikipedia although I did study Physics and Mechanics at university.

Below are links to two performances by Cream separated by 37 years.

Cream was hailed as a 'Super' group possibly being the first to be named such and certainly the best. The descriptive 'super' got very overused in later years when referring to bands, models and cars.




It is interesting watching these two clips (if you have time it's worth it) because it shows the transformation  of Cream from high energy, frenetic and compelling performances in the '60s to the classy, refined and almost subdued energy of the 2000s. Kinetic to Potential.

I enjoyed the interviews in the 1968 video with Jack Bruce explaining how Bach gave him inspiration as a bass player referring to Bach as 'The Governor of all time" Nice that.

I loved Cream music and remember listening to it on a small and tinny transistor radio when I was in the 4th and 5th form at secondary school (1967 and 1968). The experience was bettered later when I had a stereo system and bought the LPs which I still have somewhere. It would have been great to have been at the 1968 farewell concert and also to have gone to the 2005 one but time and space were against me.

Thursday, 12 January 2017



Water sports is topical at the moment with those possibly fake reports about Trump and golden showers. Whether true or not he'll certainly be remembered for them.

I'm starting to come right at long last after my Shingles and PHN problems and am out and about again. I've been swimming yesterday and today, taking advantage of the good weather that has finally arrived.

Of course my idea of swimming is at variance with The Old Girl's who calls my style 'wallowing'. Bloody cheek. I like to just lie in the water half in and half out like a crocodile watching things above and below the surface at the same time.


Tracey in her latest (and long overdue) post talks about her travels to the Evil Empire soon to be known as Trumpland. She didn't encounter any celebrities there other than the fake kind (do they have any other?) and it wasn't until she was back home in Petoneland that she met up with none other than Richard (of Richard's Bass Bag).

She says in her post that he wasn't drinking chardonnay at the time.

Lucky her!

If he had been downing a few this is what happens.

I thnk that she had a lucky escape.