Friday, 28 November 2014


I mentioned before that pigeons are a nuisance in Auckland with their roosting and being fed on the balconies of high rise buildings

Second Fiddle bizarrely suggested feeding them bread made from plaster of Paris (Note: beware accepting dinner invitations from him) which I don't think I'll follow up on.

In the absence of having a cat in the apartment I resorted to throwing socks at the windows to discourage them.

With the warmer weather and having the ranch sliders to the deck open this resulted in sending balled socks out into the city which is a loss to me and disconcerting to pedestrians below.

I decided to rig something up that would scare the pigeons away.

  • boiling oil?
  • cardboard cutouts of Shonkey?
  • a double bass?
which were all impractical and would be offensive to me also so settled on a bird of prey cutout.

I went to many Auckland shops before finding what I wanted at Wah Lees, an Auckland variety store that has almost anything you'd ever want.

It's a bright orange kite with an evil looking eagle pictured on it. I have suspended it inside against the window and for the last couple of weeks no pigeons have landed on my balcony.
I informed Wah Lees and suggested that they promote these in their newsletter.
Soon there may be bright orange kites in the windows of all the Auckland apartments thereby transforming the look of the city.

I think I'll solve the glabal energy crisis next.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Selfies. What's that all about?

Every time I check on internet news sites I'm confronted with 'stars' promoting images of themselves that they've taken themselves with their cell phones.

This is basically playing with themselves or less colloquially, masturbation.

The other day I was intrigued by a young woman carrying a wand. I wondered what it was until, when she met up with friends she attached it to her cellphone and was able to take a 'selfie' of them from more than arms length.

Go figure.

Makes sense of the expression 'aping'

Sunday, 23 November 2014


Part of Auckland university

I feel unfulfilled.

I spent 7 years at university which is only 11.3% of my life so far. I'm sure that I can do better than that.

Sure I've got diplomas, certificates from business courses and all sorts of gobbly-de-goop from a lifetime of marketing and management but university is the real deal. It's got class and soul (or should if the sector stuck to its original and idealistic principles). The problem is that over the last 30 years there's been a growth in 'university' business with multi educational institutions popping up to offer business  degrees and all wanting to be accredited as universities.

That's the Rant.

Here's the Rave.

We live in the university precinct of Auckland.

AUT and Auckland University surround us.
Fortunately Albert Park, tree-lined streets and heritage gardens are also part of the mix.

Princes Street by the university

As much as the two universities are hell-bent on becoming big businesses the things that they can't change even if they do build bigger and high-rise buildings are the protected surroundings.

Albert Park

This weekend I went up North as usual but came back a bit earlier as the weather up north was crap.

To my delight Auckland was basking in sunshine and, with no wind was gorgeous.

I went for a mid afternoon walk through Albert Park, past and through Auckland university grounds and felt refreshed.

Our building is one of those above and slightly to the right of the fountain - seen from centre of Albert Park

Leaving the car in the garage is certainly worthwhile sometimes.
After living in Toronto for a year without owning a car I've become used to walking everywhere so on good days like today  I get the full benefit of the area where I live.

In Auckland though it's almost impossible to not see the bloody awful Sky Tower with its hyperdermic
syringe poking up into the sky. It dominates the view from our apartment as well.