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Sunday, 16 October 2016


Hi Ephesians

The Corinthians asked me to drop you a line - hope you don't mind.
My name is Paul. You may have heard of me as Saul? Confusing? Well maybe and there have been some nasty rumours floating around about my past life. This is a beat up by the media. I did not do those things. They are despicable. The media. They lie, lie, lie. I am a good person. Believe me. I write letters. I have the best letters. Big ones. Anyway, the Corinthians asked me to warn you about some old crazy named Richard who is sending out letters. Not good letters. I have the best letters.
Don't listen to him. They make no sense.
See for yourself: HERE

That was all I wanted to say but as I'm here and I know that the boss will want me to bang on about inform you of religious issues here are a couple to get started. It saves papyrus and, as you may have heard the boss is a bit parsimonious when it comes to my expenses.

1. We've got a church at Ephesus now which is new but you have to understand that god planned this from eternity. He did it to show the glory of his grace whatever that means. Anyway it's big and it's the best. It's the best church in Ephesus. No doubt about that.

2. Look, He saved you didn't he (whatever that means) and he wants to remind you of the great blessings he's given to you. These are not cheap buddy, believe me so anything you can contribute here will be much appreciated. I'll see that old goddy gets his share. Trust me.

3. Remember that we love all peoples. In Christ the middle wall of partition between the Jews and the Gentiles has been brought down. Remember that. Of course the Mexican wall will have to stay. That goes without saying OK?

4. You've got to live your lives worthy of the calling you've received. Yes, I know that the calls were made collect but hey! Expenses you know.

Anyway, look out for Crooked Richard.



57 AD.

Hi Corinthians.

I know, I know - I promised to write a bit sooner but things have been a bit hectic you know.
You can see by the heading that I'm now in Macedonia and it's a bit freaky here. I've been into the spirits a bit - they give life don't you know. Raki, ouzo, a bit of schnapps - they can brew up a mean cocktail here.

Anyway, I was reminded to write when I received a misdirected letter from some freak named Richard. It came from Ephesus but I think that this guy is one of those Huns or a Visigoth or something. He was banging on about personal hygiene and hangovers for some reason - a bit of a ramble anyway. Between you and me I think he drinks a bit too much as he seemed a bit addled. He was bagging me a bit and I think that this is why he wrote the wrong address on the letter. The postman eventually delivered it to me.

Here's a copy if you're interested although for the life of me I don't know why you would be.

Quite frankly I think that this letter is deadly. Just saying. You'd better have a glass of something when reading it as "for the letter brings death, but the Spirit gives life." 

The boss has been on at me again to give you guys some messages. OK, bear with me and let's get it over with. He says that he likes a cheerful giver. Well he would wouldn't he. He's all 'take take take' that one. When I asked him why he doesn't just give the poor some spandoulaks instead of pulling out that old 'die for you' party trick of his he went very quiet. So did that fawning acolyte of his, Robert.
I told him that people will think he's mean and a bit weak and guess what? - he had to come back with one of his clever little contradictions - 'weakness is strength' or something. Bollocks! (Hey, don't tell him I said that). Still on the old money thing he said "My grace is sufficient for thee". Just bloody justification for being a miser I reckon.

He also reminded me to tell you that his dad has given us The Holy Ghost as a pledge so that we fully possess the promise of god for forgiveness of sins, redemption and salvation - blah, blah, blah. Just another bouncy cheque I reckon. The only worthwhile pledge would be one that the old soak Richard the Hun should take if he keeps waking up with a hangover and dirty hands.

Look, got to go, stay safe and look out for the Visigoths.


Thursday, 13 October 2016


We're going to Toast Martinborough in November - the annual food and wine festival.

We haven't been for quite a few years (at least 10) but used to attend this every year. It's the 25th this year. We're looking forward to it but I heard on the radio today that at least two wineries have pulled out of it because of the very restrictive alcohol regulations and the threats of very large fines and/or loss of licence for non-compliance.

Frankly I can see both sides of this. It's difficult for wineries at festivals to do the age checking and inebriation observation that is required in bars. There are at times a crush of people all clamouring at the makeshift bars and tables to be served.

On the other hand, I've seen at this festival and others a lot of bad behaviour that stemmed from too much alcohol consumed too quickly. This was years ago and I can only assume that things have got worse (the younger generation you know).

I wrote about this a few years ago as The Wine Guy. See here:

It's a shame that  a  rowdy few can spoil things for others but I guess that's just the way of it especially when there's booze of any description. The great holiday activities of the past at Christmas and New Years beach venues are all set to disappear. A nice stroll late at night in Queen Street Auckland or Courtenay Place Wellington has become too dangerous.

As for Lower Hutt or Wainuiomata let's not go there. Seriously, let's not go there.

Escarpment, one of the great Pinot Noir producers has decided not to feature their wines at the festival this year and Palliser Estate has also withdrawn. I'm not surprised at Palliser which, as the first winery to come across on entering Martinborough and the last when leaving it was always 'party central'. At the end of the day thousands would meet up there to use up the last of the festival currency and kick back while listening to great music.
The Beat Girls used to feature here.

 Of course this was where most of the drunkeness and associated problems was the most pronounced.

I hope this year that things are better but, being the 25th anniversary it probably won't be.

Never mind: If you can't beat them - join them.