Friday, 20 February 2015


I'm off to the UK today for a weeks work there at trade shows and customer visits.

This means living out of a suitcase which I hate.

I much prefer when travelling, to go to one place and stay there for a while but this time I'll be in five different locations during the week and only staying in the one place two nights. Bummer.

The following week I'll be in Canada visiting the Old Girl. She says it's in the minus 20's at the moment but at least I'll be stopped in the one place for the week.

Last time I was in the UK I had a lot of trouble with internet access so may not be able to give you very valuable updates for a couple of weeks.

Thursday, 19 February 2015


I like to look at this Christmas video that The Old Girl's work put out at the end of last year.

Yes I know that 'Happy' has been maybe over-used but it is joyous and a deserved classic.

Of course what I really like looking at in the video is The Old Girl in Canada in the snow.
She features at 1 minute 47 seconds and two minutes 40 seconds.

I'll be seeing her over there on the 28th February. I can't wait.

Monday, 16 February 2015



 Remember this?

 Status can be very important and you need to get it right if you don't want to have your face slapped.

I've said before that the Old Girl and I have been happily unmarried now for over 27 years. This works very well and as my mother is dead now there doesn't seem to be much of a reason to get married.

There is a niggling problem though and that is in describing our relationship to others, particularly commercial and official agencies.

As I don't refer to her as 'my wife' the usual reference is as 'my partner'.

Depending on the context sometimes it is assumed that she is my business partner. This is not too much of a problem as in addition to being my life partner she is my business partner in that we share all our finances equally.

No, the problem is that sometimes in these enlightened times when I say 'my partner' I can see by the reaction of the querant that it's assumed that I'm an old gay guy and my 'partner' is this person.