Saturday, 25 March 2017


I joined the local Civil Defence group recently and am prepared to assist in every, all, some, a few catastrophes that come our way.

They haven't given me a gun yet but hey-ho, it's early days.

Friday, 24 March 2017


She can shoot herself (in the foot).


I really cannot understand how our Deputy Prime Minister has got to this position. I guess it shows the woeful lack of talent that National have in their cabinet.

Paula Bennett couldn't run the portfolios she previously handled without cocking things up and upsetting stakeholders. How the hell is she going to deputise as Prime Minister?

Yesterday. in the PM's absence she totally floundered when questioned about the NZ Government's responsibility and further intentions in the SAS Afghanistan scandal. She not only couldn't give a proper answer -  and we do expect politicians to waffle a bit - but in her case she sounded like a receptionist  caught out when all the bosses are away. She was like a deer in the headlights.


Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennnett says there is nothing that has disturbed her in information she has seen about a book alleging civilians were killed in a New Zealand-led raid in Afghanistan.Ms Bennett told Morning Report the SAS was highly regarded and she had faith in the Defence Force.
"They have said they have investigated, they've said that they were not involved in any deaths of civilians, and I would certainly take their word at that."Asked if there was anything in reports and statements she had seen about the book which disturbed her, she said there was "not at this stage".She said she had no immediate plans to read the book and described Mr Hager as a left-wing conspiracist.

Well, does that give you any confidence in someone charged with running the country in the absence of the Prime Minister?

Former Defence Minister Wayne Mapp, who should know, admitted that there were civilian casualties in the botched raid.

Former Defence Minister concedes civilian casualty in 2010 SAS raid in Afghanistan

I'm all for looking at issues rationally and to not go off half-cocked but in a case like this that has important international legal and political ramifications we must expect our leaders to take things seriously and to have proper investigations in place. Firstly the Prime minister should front up about it and secondly no minister of the Crown should be so arrogant (and close-minded) to say "I have no immediate plans to read the book".

Give us a break ....... oh, that's right, we'll get one when these turkeys get chucked out later this year.

Thursday, 23 March 2017



What a laugh!

On Sunday we took the kayaks out for a spin. We paddled across to the other side of the bay and had a swim there at a quiet beach.
On the way back I went hell for leather to beat The Old Girl, not stopping all the way.

At our beach I dragged the kayak up to the road and waited for her to arrive. My new double kayak is bloody heavy. When the Old Girl beached I carried her kayak up to the roadside and had a dizzy spell. I had to sit down for a bit to recover. I guess that I'd overdone it on the fast paddle back as I'm a bit under-fit after my bout of shingles over Christmas/New Year.

Once I felt recovered I helped The Old Girl put her kayak away under the house and fitted the wheels to mine and pulled it up the driveway. At the top of the driveway I went dizzy again and sat/laid down for a rest.

At this time friend Rod drove up and parked opposite our driveway. He and his wife were going for a swim. He sighted me sitting/lying down by my kayak and waved. I sort of raised my hand and waved back. I got up after a few minutes and put the kayak away up the back of the house. I then went inside and had a snooze for an hour.

A couple of days later I was talking to Rod and told him that I wouldn't want to be drowning while he was on the beach watching. He'd think I was just waving!