Thursday, 8 June 2017


I did a course today at the local council offices. It was training in Civil Defence.

The course was very well organised and presented. It was a full day from 8.15 AM to 4.30 PM and didn't have any lag-times. The whole thing was engaging and interesting. It's a certification course so if I remember everything I learned then I'll be able to pass the on-line test and become certificated.

Being a 'lock-in' all day course we were catered to for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Very well. In fact very, very well. I never have morning or afternoon teas as I usually work from home and lunch is usually a slice of toast or a small sandwich.

Today's fare consisted of:

  • Cheese scones and savoury scones; blueberry muffins and walnut muffins; with butter, cream cheese or whipped cream for morning tea.
  • Salads, mini bacon and egg pies, mini quiches, wraps, sandwiches, samosas and other delectables for lunch.
  • Fresh tropical fruit  platters or chocolate brownies, iced cakes or home made-looking biscuits for afternoon tea.
Now I'd had a blueberry muffin and a cheese scone for morning tea (lucky that The Old Girl wasn't looking over my shoulder) so when it came to lunch I had one of those mini bacon and egg pies and a sandwich so by the time afternoon tea came by I wasn't hungry.

Everything looked so bloody enticing though so I had some fruit - slices of pineapple, mango, kiwifruit, mandarin, apple, pear and some grapes. I left the biscuits, cakes and brownies alone.

At the end of afternoon tea, as we were about to leave the cafeteria on the first floor to return to the conference room on the second floor I looked at the table still groaning with the weight of the said chocolate brownies, iced cakes or home made-looking biscuits. I coveted them. It's been ages since I've eaten stuff like that and I lusted after them. Lusted! I thought about grabbing one or two for supper at home but then (civil defence training kicking in) I thought about the logistics of getting them home. We were in a council staff cafeteria on the first floor. Our conference room was on the second floor. I was on the first floor. My jacket (with voluminous pockets) and my satchel were on the second floor. There was no way that I could cram a few treats into my trouser pockets without being seen or without damaging the treats.

And then I remembered this:

When good friend Tom left me high and dry at a wine industry meeting where, on his and the organisers suggestion, I took a few treats home for The Old Girl's aged aunty only to end up feeling embarrassed.

I went home, sans treats and remembered that I had a community citizens association meeting to attend that evening. So, late in the evening as I write this, feeling peckish, I'm munching on some dry crackers that were in the pantry.

Thank god for the chardonnay that was in the fridge.


Richard (of RBB) said...

Don't turn up pissed.


I had the chardonnay after the meeting.
A 'D' for reading.

Geremy said...

Yes I thought the same but chose not to say!

Richard (of RBB) said...

I got confused when Il Curmudgeone thanked god. Has Father Bliss been at him again.


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