Thursday, 22 June 2017


I drove down to Auckland yesterday to collect The Old Girl. She's had her hip operation and. after a weeks recovery in Auckland in hospital (3 days) and at the apartment (4 days) she's ready to come North. My job is to hold her up here for as long as I can while she convalesces. In my mind this should be at least 4 weeks but I know that she'll be itching to get back to work in a fortnight. I'll have to take on the role of gaoler, virtually keeping her locked up.

We drove up this morning through driving rain and high winds as Northland and north of Auckland has been stormy. In my absence overnight a storm has wreaked havoc in in the area. Where we live it: set off the house alarm;  tossed brooms and tools around that were on the back porch; ripped open the doors to the basement. I'll have to do some handyman repairs tomorrow (The Old Girl can't object as she's on crutches and I'll have to be given approval to use her drill and toolset).

I've made a fire and the house is warm and cosy. My prisoner The Old Girl is sitting comfortable, enjoying a glass of Pinot Gris and looking forward to dinner. Let's hope that this can last for a month.


(Prudes walk away now).

This morning in Auckland while The Old Girl was getting ready for our drive North I went to a supermarket to buy provisions to last through the weekend.
After doing the shopping, as I hadn't had breakfast I went across the road to a cafe for a coffee and a cheese scone (delicious).
The seating in this cafe was below the footpath level and had large windows. When seated at a table and looking out the window you are looking upwards at the pedestrians. When said pedestrian was a woman in a shortish skirt the view was - up that skirt! Now today is the day after the shortest day and, in Auckland was a cool and blustery winter's day. All the pedestrians were dressed for inclement weather including the women in the shortish skirts who wore leggings underneath.

I was reminded of a friend who, when a schoolboy was caught standing under the school steps looking up the girl's skirts. He'll be right at home in this cafe - especially in the summer.

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Richard (of RBB) said...

That girl, around 1958, was wearing bloomers. I only looked up out of biological interest. Get well Lynn. Make sure that TC is cleaning the toilet. I hope thet wooden chair hasn't blown over again.


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