Saturday, 12 May 2018


Richard (of Richard's bass Bag ) is supposedly busy creating music for a 48 hour film challenge. See HERE

I imagine that it's 'stress city' in Nuova Lazio at present.

Anyway, because the old guy is busy he's asked if The Curmudgeons Inc.ⓒ could fill in the Saturday morning slot for him.
No problem - that's what The Curmudgeons Inc.ⓒ are here for - to solve problems and to promulgate useful and entertaining facts.

Today we've assembled The Curmudgeon (TC), The Curmudgeon Express, (TCE) The Food Curmudgeon (TFC), The Curmudgeon's Agony Aunt TCAA), The Mundane Curmudgeon TMC), The Curmudgeonly Luddite TCL), The Cultured Curmudgeon (TCC), The Religious Curmudgeon (TRC), The Philosophical Curmudgeon (TPC), The Music Curmudgeon, (TMC2) The Darker Curmudgeon (TDC), The Wine Guy (TWG), Good Kiwi Bloke. (GKB) ,The Wine Guy Express, (TWGE) The New Wine Guy (TNWG), Zweite Geige (ZG), Bass's Bag. (BB) and The New Different Time Zone Bill (TNDTZB). It will be a lively forum but we've decided to stick to drinking coffee and tea with no wine this time as things can get out of hand with this group-

see HERE

and HERE


TC:    Morning guys, thanks for coming in this morning. There's tea or coffee in the kitchen. Help yourselves.

TFC: Great, thanks. I'll have Irish Breakfast tea with soy milk.

BB: Poofter. Where's the beer then?

TC: No alcohol this morning Bas. It got a bit out of hand the last couple of times.

ZG: Pah!

TC: Hey Zweite, please be polite. Remember that The Curmudgeon's Agony Aunt is here.

TCAA: Don't worry about me TC, I can handle little foreign scrotes like him. Why, I've ...

TC: Settle down everyone and get some bloody refreshments so we can start. Sheesh!

ALL: (mumble, mumble, grumpy bastard, couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery etc)

TC: OK. All settled? Now we have the Saturday spot today because Richard can't do it. He's ....

GKB: snigger, snigger.

TC: Good Kiwi Bloke, give him a break. He's old OK?

GKB: Yeah, right mate. Carry on.

TC: Now Richard has some sort of film music to write really quickly for the 48 Hour Film Challenge. He started last night apparently and ...

TMC: Why doesn't he just use Robert's music creating programme? He could just drop in a couple of words relating to the theme, steal borrow a couple of chords from a Randy Newman song and bingo!

TC: No, Music Curmudgeon, Richard is a purist. He's old and slow and will never make his millions producing pop songs but he's a purist. He wants to write all his own music even if that means staying up all night on Friday and Saturday.

TCL: He's a man after my heart.

TMC: Mine too.

TPC: Well I think.

TC: What?

TPC: I think. That's what I do. Also I think that Richard will take up smoking and drinking again because of the pressure.

TWG: Drinking again! He never stopped. He keeps the chardonnay (albeit cheap and unlabelled chardonnay) market going. I heard that he must have knocked back a few the other night and is feeling guilty about it.

TWGE:  No, no he denied that. He said he was just trying to find a song for some woman.

BB: Yeah right.

GKB: Hey, that's what I was going to say you old bastard.

sound of scuffling 

TC: Cut it out you two and mind Lynn's carpet. If you get tea and coffee stains on that I'm for it.

TNDTZB: I just had a peek into the future. Richard did well with the music but he's now in a detox clinic for nicotine poisoning.

TC: Thanks Bill.

TDC: Slippery slope guys, slippery slope.

TC: (under his breath) Fuck.

TCE: Hurry up guys. What the hell are we doing here? What's the agenda? what ..

TC: Well that's the longest statement you've made ever Express. We are here to discuss the opportunity. I didn't say that we'd actually achieve anything.

TFC: I'm hungry.

TRC: If Robert was here (and he wouldn't be because we don't talk to him) he'd offer you some food for your soul ...

TPC: .... brought to you on a silver tray by his holy seagull no doubt.

ALL: ha ha, funny Philosophical guy, ha ha ...

much hilarity and unfortunately ... spillage

TC: Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I'm for it now. Let's get this cleaned up guys.

..... Guys?

.....  Guys?

sound of running feet, cars starting up and driving away


Robert said...

Peter slept then and had a dream.
The Holy Spirit didn't come to him.
The dream came from his subconscious.
There was a hole he had to get through after climbing the steep cliff.
The hole was impossibly small though he tried other ways.
Another way was down the long corridors but it always ended in a small cupboard with no escape.

Richard (of RBB) said...

Thanks for covering for me The Curmudgeon Ink.


No problem Richard. I hope all is going well without too many ciggies and (unlabelled) chardonnay.

Robert, you are confusing my dreams with yours I think. I dream of Isabelle Adjani.


Also, Robert, as a psychology graduate I'd have thought that you'd recognise your dream as sexual frustration. Just saying.

Robert said...

Gosh yes...thank you.

Why do I dream of being immersed in an army fighting a war when I need to escape before being overwhelmed?


Shit I don't know. As I told you, I dream of Isabelle Adjani.


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