Wednesday, 30 May 2018


We've been enjoying some great weather up here with blue skies and sunny days. I've been making full use of the trailer and have taken over a dozen full trailer loads of tree cuttings, bushes, weeds, flax, creeper and weeds to the dump. The place is finally looking like someone lives here.

The evenings are starting to get a bit cool though and I haven't been for a swim for several weeks.

I lit the fire yesterday as Willow was looking cold.

I also wanted to test the chimney for safety and progressively added small amounts of wood to the fire while going outside to make sure that all was OK.

I'd already been up on the roof to do a physical check of the chimney tops for bird nests and any wind damage. All was OK.

I'd told Lynn that I was going to do this and she told me to wear sensible footwear.

I didn't listen choosing instead to wear my old trainers that have got bugger all tread left on them.

Guess what?

After checking the chimneys I decided to do a roof check on the seals and nails etc.
At the sea end of the roof I started to slip and slid down to the guttering just stopping with my heels on the edge. There is a reasonablee drop from here down to the deck. I gave myself a bit of a fright.

After I'd clambered (with difficulty) back up to the top I decided against further roof inspection particularly the steepest part where there's a drop down to the driveway.

Sometimes I really should listen to the old girl. She gave me a real bollocking when I admitted to her what had happened on our Facetime call last night.


Robert said...

Phew glad you are ok.


Thanks. I do stupid things I know.
Just lazy I guess. I'll replace those shoes ASAP.

Richard (of RBB) said...

Jesus would have saved you. Don't worry.


Now there's a conundrum for you.
As I'm an atheist there should, in my belief, be no way I could be saved. If however, on the way down, a jesus held his/her/its hand out I might just have said "OK".

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Blessed be the gutters,
They have arrested your fall into darkness and lots and lots of pain.

You do realise you've probably buggered up the gutters now, don't you?

Richard (of RBB) said...

And blessed are the cheese makers.

Richard (of RBB) said...

...oh, and glad you're alright TC.


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