Wednesday, 23 May 2018


The amount of spam mail coming through to my two Spark Xtra mail accounts is getting out of hand.


Last updated 10:59, January 17 2018


One customer said she was near her data cap because of the extra email volume.

Spark says a surge in spam is to blame for customers' accounts being flooded with messages.
Customers have been complaining about being "pummelled" with spam over recent days.
One, Suzie Benfell, said: "My email account is so overrun with spam emails I've just about given up. I contact Spark and all I get sorry there is a issue and we are working on it."
Others complained on Spark's Facebook page. Some said they were getting hundreds of junk messages a day.
Petra Zoe said: "The spam is increasing despite moving items to the spam filter. In 24 hours, I've moved about 60 items to the spam folder. It's too much."

In addition the phishing still goes on but not as bad as it was a few months back.

I'm getting sick of it. Using the function is satisfying but I'm not sure of its effectiveness. I also use the 'Blacklist Sender' function but it doesn't seem to stop it. What's wrong with these people who send out this shit? I'm trying to be wary of on-line activity as our credit card details were misused to the value of over $10k recently (we are still waiting for BNZ bank Visa to sort this out) and send phishing emails to the various phishing checkers but there is always the possibility of mistakenly opening an attachment. Bastards.
I was a bit worried that it is just our computer, smartphones and iPads that were affected but according to the community web-pages I communicate with many other people are having the same problems.

As if that's not bad enough over the last several months (up here at any rate) we have been getting scam phone calls. How this works is that a call from overseas (Ukraine, Russia, China etc) comes through with the caller ID of a New Zealand number like 'Blenheim', 'Napier' etc with the appropriate regional number. When you answer this there is no answer and the call is disconnected. It's a bait to try and get you to call back on the number. I don't know exactly how this aids them but I assume that it registers your phone number as active and one that can be on-sold to crooks, scumbags and bastards. It doesn't sound much but these computer-generated calls could capture millions of numbers this way.

As I said before - what's wrong with these people?


Richard (of RBB) said...

I got one of those calls on my mobile alittle while back.

Robert said...

What did you say Richard?


He said"I got one of those calls on my mobile alittle while back."

His spelling was a bit off though.


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