Sunday, 18 March 2018



I've been a bit strange today and I think that it's been due to migraine.
Sometimes migraine symptoms are easy to recognise in the visual aura or headache but today it has been in the inability to read anything that makes sense or to do a crossword or other word puzzle.

Needless to say Richard's posts made absoluteLy no ENse to me And Robert's did - a clear indication that something was wrong.

I suspect that I may have written strange comments on Richard's blog and if so I apologise.

I took some migraine medication which makes me really sleepy. When taking Lynn and our weekend guest, a workmate of Lynn's to the bus this afternoon I got her to drive as I didn't trust myself. I drove home carefully and fortunately made it.

While typing this the letters are 'dancing' a bit so I hope that it is readable. Thank you Mr Check Spelling.

For anyone who hasn't experienced migraine it's like a mini-stroke where it's difficult to read and write and even to form sensible speech. It is I guess, if I was brave enough to imbibe such a thing, like drinking too much 'cleanskin' wine.


Richard (of RBB) said...

Take care my friend.


All good thanks. I know the symptoms and take appropriate medication.

Now that I'm feeling better the appropriate medication is a good Hawkes Bay Chardonnay (with a label on it).
I hope that the work you put into the preparation for the St Pat's Day concert isn't wasted and you can use it in a later gig.
Quite frankly I don't know how you can do this - putting up with a whole lot of ungrateful and pushy bastards while having to be gracious. I don't have the temperament for that.

ANZAC coming up again soon. No doubt you'll be doing the Reveille and Last Post. I know that the attendees there appreciate it. I think I'll go down to Auckland for the Dawn parade this year since I missed last year.

Richard (of RBB) said...

Jeepers! (people who drive jeeps) I'd better get that trumpet out!

Richard (of RBB) said...

Time for an update. After all there are a lot of Curmudgeons sitting around with not much to do except drink cleanskin chardonnays.


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