Tuesday, 27 March 2018


I must admit that I was a bit worried a few days ago as I was dreading being offered a job. This would have cut out at least three and a half days a week  of my precious time and would have meant that my blogging frequency, if not the quality might have slipped down to the dangerously low levels that Richard's Bass Bag and his associated blogs are now operating at.

Que mal.

As it turned out I didn't receive a job offer so I'm a free man - relatively as on hearing of this I then (stupidly?) offered my time and services to a community organisation. It then occurred to me that without a job and my contribution to household expenditure I'm hoping that The Old Girl who works around the clock will continue to support me in the manner which I like to be kept. As it turns out, the apartment sale looks like it's going through (it's not over though until the fat lady sings though) so the financial pressure will be off. Good news is that not only can I continue to post but the seventeen other blogs that I 'caretake' will be able to post.


All good and I'm set to go but as today was just so lovely I played tennis between 8.30 and 11.30 so blogging took a 'back seat'.

The Old Girl who is in Auckland, working, and who is handling the apartment sale details went to view a Queen Street apartment today and reported that it's ideal so we may put in an offer to buy. It's smaller but cheaper than the one we've sold so will be mortgage free. I'll have to get cracking doing due diligence on this and helping out T.O.G. where I can.

I went into town this afternoon to scope out buying a car and a trailer. I went to the trailer place first and found that the model I want is not only on special this month at $1700 but has $400 worth of extras added including a spare wheel and a decent cover. I then went to some car dealers and found just the thing I want. I'll negotiate a price including a tow-bar and less a trade in price for my little car next week.


So this is why you won't be seeing eighteen new posts today but, rest assured, there will be lots of interesting things coming your way soon.

What's Richard's excuse?


Richard (of RBB) said...

All good but what are all the other Curmudgeons doing? Lazy buggers!


They must have skived off with all of your alter-egos.
With that number it must be some sort of bus trip.

Robert's blog transport costs must be much cheaper.


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