Saturday, 10 March 2018


We're all guilty of it - taking for granted many of the things around us and just sort of expect it to be there without giving much thought to the effort that someone has put into making things nicer for us.

Richard in his latest post HERE talks about just that from the perspective of a musician.
He felt that the band performed well, helping to make the evening a success but they were underpaid and it seems underappreciated. In his earlier post HERE he indicates the preparation that goes in to a gig, even a small local one. The 24 tunes all have to be charted and practised meaning that a lot more time than the actual performance is put in by the musicians and in particular the band leader.

In the photograph that Richard used (taken from Facebook) the band leader, Richard, isn't even in the photograph.

I'm aware that I've been at gallery openings, exhibitions, cocktail parties and dinners where musicians have been playing in the background. I've enjoyed the music, particularly if it is a chamber group playing some nice jazz or classical music but haven't really given much thought to the work that goes into it. More recently I am a bit more aware for example at a local supermarket there is often a busker playing who has a really good voice and a great repertoire so I thank him and if I have coins in my pocket put a couple of gold ones in his hat.

I guess though that often, good musicians must feel that they are being screwed.

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Richard (of RBB) said...

Plumbers don't do freebos. "Hey, John, thanks for answering, one of the kids has blocked the bloody toilet." "Yeah, no problem, it's $300 for a call out." "But we had a jazz trio play at our function last night and they played for free!" How does this work?


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