Saturday, 28 October 2017


One of the good things (for me) to come out of the Labour/Greens/NZ First coalition government is prioritisation of the Northland rail network revitalisation. This will have at least $800 million allocated to it which to my mind is money better spent than fancying up the road network.

Fixing the rail network will be way cheaper than the plans for roading

As recent as 2016 Kiwi Rail banned the use of passenger trains on the Northland Rail network (around Auckland) due to the rail lines being in such poor shape. This proposed rebuilding which is to start as soon as possible is great news for Northland and its economic development. Forestry, dairy, ship-building and heavy industry will benefit from having viable rail services again and the use of rail instead of road will benefit road users by taking pressure off and making travelling safer.

I posted on this in 2010 when the National Government tried to bury rail forever:


I just hope that after the Northland rebuild that attention is given to rail throughout the rest of the country. New Zealand is one of the few countries in the world without a decent national railway system and it's time we caught up.


Robert said...

"You always promise me a holiday but do nothing!" She said.
Today I booked our house at Castle point.
I struggled with the rail timetable and destinations.
I explained " If we leave at 4.23 we can catch the bus to Lower Hutt and walk to Waterloo then sit on the platform and catch a train to Masterton at 5.30.
Then we can get a taxi to Castle point.."
"Why don't we just drive she said"


Yes, the loss of romance in modern life.


Yesterday evening I sat out on the deck at sunset and enjoyed a glass or two of wine as I was waiting for my pizza to cook. I set the iPad...