Thursday, 19 October 2017


".... but if you try sometime, you might find,  you'll get what you need."

Yeah, yeah, I know that you're familiar with the song and the lyrics given that you're all well versed in 1960s ad 1970s rock music (or I certainly hope you are so.) so I won't post the video.



Well I've been waiting all afternoon for the announcement as to which coalition government we will have. It lingered on as you know but finally Winnie came though - with the right result. A labour led coalition government.
I've been pissed off with Winston Peters' politicking over the last few weeks but, after having given up on him, I have been impressed with his radio interview (National Radio) when he's held his own against antagonistic interviewers on both major sides of the political spectrum. Well done Winnie!..


While waiting I've been enjoying one of the best afternoons that I've had up north for some time. 
There was no wind, it's been sunny and the bay has looked fantastic..

This morning I played tennis at the local club (always fun and a nice bit of exercise for an old joker) and this afternoon played lawn bowls, again at a local club which I've just joined so I've had an enjoyable day. Waiting for the announcement of the coalition I thought about what my dinner (tea) would look like. Avoiding blue was easy so I chose pizza which I prepared from: a Turkish pizza base; tomato paste; Mozzarella cheese; sliced cooked potato; sliced grilled capsicum; sliced olives; sliced bottled spicy peppers; sliced artichoke hearts and more Mozzarella cheese . Yummy!

I prepared this and was waiting to put into the oven (only takes 10 minutes) while listening to National Radio and awaiting the outcome of the coalition negotiations.
It was so nice out on the deck that I sat out there at the Macrocarpa table with  the matching chairs that are very substantial (except for the occasional storm that tips on of the chairs over) and relished the view while solving crosswords and sipping wine.

A lot of wine.

I sipped at the last quarter bottle of an excellent Nelson Gewurtztraminer before opening a pretty good Waipara Riesling and, with the coalition government announcement finally coming through and being able to cook my pizza I re-opened the outstanding Martinborough Pinot Noir I had in the fridge (one third of a bottle - all gone now).


So. Here I am - happy. We've had experience of a NZ First/National coalition government before that didn't work. I really, really hope that this one will. To me it seems that we have the best of the options - Labour, Greens and NZ First.

Onwards and upwards.



Robert said...

I almost feel sorry for ANYONE interviewing Peters.
I'm pleased the party I voted for has got in too.
Just hope Labour finds money for its promises.

Richard (of RBB) said...

I was reading this blog, the part about what you had for dinner (avoiding blue food would have been hard), and thought, "This must make my blogs about practising instruments more interesting for people."


"This must make my blogs about practising instruments more interesting for people."

Sorry, no.

Robert said...

Yes I agree with the Curmudgeon on this one; it's the little experiences we have that people may or not want to hear about.
Who cares if someone repeated a paradidal on his drum?


"Who cares if someone repeated a paradidal on his drum?"

What goes on in the suburbs should stay in the suburbs.


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