Friday, 27 October 2017


Number one - Gunfight at the OK Corral.

The big showdown in the last scene

Wyatt Earp, his brothers Earl and Morgan and Doc Holliday approach the corral and barn at the edge of town. They have a 'meeting' arranged with the Clancy gang since the Clancy's killed James, the youngest Earp brother in a bushwhacking.

Ike and Billy Clanton and four of their henchmen come out of the barn and spread out to face the good guys.

Some spirited dialogue ensues with challenges made to draw coming from both sides. A motley collection of handguns are tugged from their holsters (some snagging on the ratty leather) and shots are fired. Given that these guns were lucky to fire at the best of times without blowing up and were completely inaccurate, no-one was hit. The two sides nervously walked a bit closer to each other.

What the Earps had done unfortunately was to tragically underestimate the strength of the Clancy gang and in fact didn't know that there were more than two brothers. Noel Clancy and Yort Clancy had been hiding behind the barn and now stepped out behind the three Earp brothers and Doc Holliday. These two were cunning and each had a double barrelled shotgun in their hands. Four blasts at close range tore through the good guys sending them flying and bleeding to the feet of the Clancy gang who, at very close range despatched them with shots to the head from their hand-guns.

    The End



Richard (of RBB) said...

Okay, so what brought that on? Was it Robert placing too much emphasis on the 40 drum rudiments?


No, no, just too much time on my hands.
I thought that a new series was in order since you weren't that interested in my windows series, my paintings series, my school memory series, my garden furniture series, my my 'what if' series, my lucky series, my car series ...... etc.

Robert said...

From memory Earp was a bastard and his ending here would have saved a lot of suffering.
Though I could be wrong.


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