Monday, 4 December 2017


It's December, the water is already warming, the sky is blue and it looks like we'll have a hot Summer.

We're already seeing and hearing some of the first signs. People arriving at their holiday houses for an early start to their holidays. Children splashing and playing in the water. Swimmers on the swimming platform in the bay. Responsible boat-owners quietly chugging out o se to go fishing.

But....... soon we'll get this:

The moronic sales manager with his ridiculous, noisy and dangerous toy.

These arseholes like to find the most serene and scenic spots to bring their small-penis compensators to and to ignore every maritime safety rule. They will rip up and down ignoring swimmers, kayakers and boaties and race into shore oblivious of the 5km within 200 metres of the shore rule.

Oh joy!

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Robert said...

I saw a couple of them playing around in a quiet spot south of Lowry Bay. I did think they should have been out in the white water created by the northerly. They looked pathetic!
Can any one buy one of these things?
I suspect they need to introduce licensing?


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