Sunday, 3 December 2017


PRESS RELEASE - Special announcement.

As Chair of CURMUDGEONS INCⓒ I have some disturbing news to report.
Overnight, a hired thug acting on instructions of Angry Jesus and with the complicit endorsement of Richard (of RBB)'s The Bass Bagging Confederation, attacked one of our members - THE RELIGIOUS CURMUDGEON.

RC was subjected to a tirade of abuse, being threatened with weopons and forced to consume vile wine.
This Angry Jesus, a rabid, mentally unstable religious zealot has had the effrontery to post a report on the raid in his propaganda-oriented blog. As much as it distresses me to reproduce such a distasteful piece here is a link to it. Read with caution:

As you can understand RC has been traumatised but we at CURMUDGEONS INCⓒ Head Office have been calming him with readings from CURMUDGEONS INCⓒ members older posts and with glasses of legitimate, properly labelled Hawkes Bay Chardonnay and Waipara Pinot Noir. Hopefully RC will fully recover but, he says, he will not forget.

CURMUDGEONS INCⓒ members have rallied and advocated an all-out retaliatory attack on The Bass Bagging Confederation but I have had to placate them. Quite frankly this tired old blogging hub is on its last legs and the desperate actions of one of its more rabid members attest to this.
The members will  make individual comments on their blogs which will take the better part of this sad Sunday.

- ends.

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