Thursday, 14 December 2017




The People said he wasn't the chosen one - Oh yeah, Oh yeah.

Oh yeah, Alabama has spoken.  Or, more importantly black American voters have (at last) spoken, particularly the black american women voters.

This is a tipping point not just because Alabama was a Republican stronghold but because the Democrat vote in so many states has always had the potential to be the largest percentage vote due to the demographics of the voters who would most benefit - elderly, working class, Hispanic and Black but, because a significant proportion of these people don't vote that potential is just that - a potential, not a reality (not unlike the situation in New Zealand).

The Alabama result with Republican candidate Roy Moore being swept aside by Democrat candidate Doug Jones is ground-breaking but not just because of the shift from Red to Blue in Alabama, but because it was the Black vote that tipped the balance. This could, not will, but could, change the face of American politics if the Democrats and Black and Hispanic America work out how to capitalise on this and develop strategies to get the elderly, working class, Hispanic and Black voters to the polls.

It's a long road but a possible road and one that will lead to Trump and his supporters being ousted.


Yes it's USA politics but this (diminishing) world power still influences us greatly. Trump and GOP have, in as recently the last 12 months greatly endangered us through dangerous global interactions like: alienating key European states like Germany, France and UK; damaging delicate detente arrangements with sub-powers like North Korea and Iran; upsetting decades old balances like that between Palestine and Israel; allowing China to grow in dominance in the Pacific, South China Sea area and South East Asia; withdrawing from the Paris Accord and it's position on combatting global warming; pulling out of TPP; allowing Russia to basically do what it likes in the East - and this doesn't even cover the massive geo-political, social and environmental catastrophes that the Trump Administration has been orchestrating in domestic America.


I have a theory that Donald Trump is somehow a Russian 'plant' in the USA, subtly and not so subtly furthering Russian geopolitical interests through omissions and errors that get written off as Trump's foolishness or bombasticism. Anyone who reads novelists like John Le Carre or political analysts like James Lamond will realise that Russia plays the long game.
Earlier this year US Intelligence released a report that Putin had ordered an influence campaign in the US 2016 elections in the same way as they did in 2014 when Obama placed sanctions on Russia over Ukraine issues. The US Intelligence report refers to Russian influence not being a new thing but as far back as 1981 Russia was using disinformation, media influence, blackmail and other political influence to interfere with USA policy. It's not too far fetched to imagine Trump or a Trump-like person being identified and groomed by Russia.


Let's all hope that we can 'wake up tomorrow' to a better future.


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Fingers crossed.

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This post is sooooooooooooooooooooooo Cooooooooooooooooooooooool! I like the thinking and I'm a thinking kind of guy.


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