Saturday, 16 December 2017


It's not just USA that's getting hacked by Russian cyber criminals and influencers. My blog receives a lot of interest from Russia and Ukraine.
This is a snapshot from my blog statistics of who views the posts:

The dark green which shows most viewership is from New Zealand, USA and Alaska.
Alaska you may ask - well that's where America has its spy satellites checking on important worldwide internet communications so naturally THE CURMUDGEON is on its 'must read' list.

The medium green shows UK, Russia, Ukraine and some ex-USSR countries where the Russkies do something similar to the USA spies although, in addition, they are probably trying to learn about New Zealand politics, culture and society and THE CURMUDGEON is one of the best avenues for this.

The lighter green is Australia and China who monitor but as neither countries first language is English their viewership is not as great, and Canada who are generally too nice to read scurrilous blogs.

В России мы не следим, мы просто хотим прочитать вашу хорошую информацию

What? Who said that? What's goin....... s хорошие люди, мы не так, как вы говорите snoops

I'd better leave this post - I think that someone is watching me.


Robert said...

You can not accept the over whelming proof that God exists but you believe a map produced by a corrupt American firm with self interests to prove people from Russia are watching you!
They probably just happened to type CU.. which in Russian is a misspelling of maybe se..!


Yeah, well as much as I distrust Google, Facebook, Americans and Russians I'd still back their existence over god, christianity, religion and all of that utter, utter nonsense that you believe in and expound.

Also - where is this "over whelming proof that God exists"? On a Chinese fortune cookie? In the Catechism? Oh, I know, it's in a book that took a couple of thousand years in the writing with as many edits as your post should have before they are printed.

I said I wouldn't rise to your baits on this religion nonsense Robert and that's why I created THE RELIGIOUS CURMUDGEON (who is on holiday). I think I'll write a reply post following up on an excellent interview Kim Hill did on National Radio this morning.

- If I can be arsed.


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