Thursday, 28 June 2018


No, 4 VESTA isn't a vanity numberplate bought for someone by an unimaginative partner, it's a massive asteroid that's close enough to Earth to be seen by the naked eye.



I looked at it last night. It's the brightest thing in the sky at present after the sun and the moon - brighter than Venus and is yellowish orange. They should call it 4 TRUMP being that it seems to be hurtling out of control and could destroy civilisation.

No doubt Robert and his christian mates are chanting implorations to their various gods and mythical creatures asking that Earth be bypassed and, if not, that only the non christians, atheists, agnostics and Weltec managers be squashed.


It's been a while since a big asteroid has come so close to Earth - 66 million years ago in fact. This was the one that wiped out the dinosaurs.
This current asteroid, 4 VESTA which measures more than 310 square miles (800,000 square kilometres) in size – is 50 times wider than the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs!


Robert said...

1. First time I heard of it!
But thanks I'll look up tomorrow morning as I perform important outside duties at Weltec in near freezing conditions.

2. "It seems to be hurtling out of control". Who has lost control of it? God created the laws of physics which every object must obey. Atheists never seize to amaze me!

Richard (of RBB) said...

'Atheists never seize to amaze me." Well, seize the moment I guess.


So Robert, God (who is in control) was responsible for: The Holocaust; global warming; world wars; John Key's government; Brother Benedict; Muslim fundamentalism; The Crusades; ebola; Donald Trump; the dent in my car (to be explained in a post later) etc.

Richard (of RBB) said...

The 'dent in the car' post sounds like it will be a good one!


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