Saturday, 2 June 2018


Not Willow although she does assume this pose sometimes after she's been at the catnip

The Old Girl's in Napier this weekend so I'm here on my own with the cat for company.

Now I love my cat Willow but she isn't exactly dynamic at this stage of her life.

Apart from the Old Girl's absence the big contributor to boredom today is the weather. After a week of stunning blue sky, sun and no wind today brought very high winds, heavy rain and the threat of thunderstorms. I wouldn't be surprised if a chair or two blew over tonight.


I lit the wood-burner in the lounge for the second time this year. This kind of throws my provisioning calculations out a bit as, since I was swimming only a few weeks back I'd assumed that we might be in for a gentle winter. I didn't get in any wood over the summer and autumn as last year only lit the fires a few times. I might have to buy some dry logs from somewhere soon.

Anyway, I lit the fire in the afternoon while Scene Two of King Lear raged outside. Willow came over and snuggled up as by mid afternoon the balmy Northland temperature dropped to (gasp) nearly single digits.

I've already planned my dinner for this evening and pre-prepared herb and Parmesan coated schnitzel which I'll have with mashed potatoes and a broccoli and cauliflower cheese mixture but opened the wine(s) a bit early because of the dreadful conditions outside. Tonight's accompaniments - McDonald's Reserve Chardonnay and Selaks 'Velvet' Pinot Noir which I must admit I've already made some inroads into.

When the Old Girl is up here on days like this we will take off to the snooker (pool for her) room for a couple of games and a bottle of Deutz bubbles but this wasn't to be.
While I was getting the fire going I watched a couple of episodes of 'Lost In Space' via Netflix. Man this is crap. Poorly written. Badly acted. Pathetic really but hey, it's a crap day.

I alternated from watching some rubbish sequences, dashing to the woodshed for fuel, preparing the evening meal, opening and consuming some wine and making some facetious worthy comments on the blog posts of some of the other blogging community contributors.


So, how's your Saturday been?


Richard (of RBB) said...

Better than yours. I did some violin practice and broke wind a couple of times.

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

You are lucky living in the "Winterless North", we've had the heating on for the last 3 weeks. Just got back from Wellington with SWMBO, went to the Ortega Fish Shack for a very enjoyable celebration dinner, Their house Pinot Gris was very nice. Sometimes (actually, fairly often) it's nice to get some free time, away from the other half.


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