Thursday, 7 June 2018


Well the Muck Boots finally arrived and I must admit that they were worth waiting for.
They are a good product - I've had another pair that lasted me 15 years and I've given them quite a beating. Both pairs I bought were also on a deep cut special and only cost $130 for both with free delivery (which it turned out was from Oz).

Here's what the fashionable Northland gardeners are wearing this season.

First we feature the Muckster II Ankle boot.
Fully waterproof with breathable  airmesh lining this boot  has a comfortable topline and high traction rubber outsole. Ideal for any time of year gardening these boots will be placed at the back door.

Next we have the Muckster II Low boot which has all the features of the ankle boot but the low cut makes this boot ideal for boating and kayaking.
These will be left at the front door ready for access to the beach.

 Note: The polka dot shorts were a recent addition to the wardrobe, bought from Farmers last week.
Unfortunately these brought derisive laughter from fellow tennis players who suggested that they were pyjama bottoms (philistines) so they will now be part of the gardening ensemble.


*** AN UPDATE***

There was one of these stickers in each of the boxes the boots came in.
They are 'Anti-Mold' stickers for I assume, preventing mould growth while the boots are stored before sale.

I looked up the internet as I'd never seen one of these before.  I learned this - written in rather garbled English (is Robert moonlighting as a product description writer for the packaging industry?).

Principle: In an airtight packaging environment, the herbal essential oils that attached in the anti-mold stickier would volatilize, inhibits as well as eradicating the growth of the mold or bacteria. In that case, the objects can be protected in their air-tight packaging environment.

I guess I can throw them away as they will serve no future purpose and must remember NOT TO EAT THEM!


Richard (of RBB) said...

I can just see those shorts over the glow of those white legs but they look like my underpants. Good that you're not wearing them to tennis anymore.

Robert said...

The boots look very comfortable. Good buy I say!


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