Friday, 8 June 2018


It's a great day today now that the wind and rain have gone so I went for a long walk around Little Munro Bay and the Reotahi Point.

I stopped at the site of the historic freezing works and looked across the water to Marsden Point where the oil refinery and timber port is located. We don't see or hear this operation from where we live so I enjoyed sitting for a while watching the operations.

I was fascinated by the unloading of sawdust where a huge conveyer was distributing it on to the existing mountain of pulp.

It was very pleasant sitting on a wooden seat in the sunshine so I sat there for at least a quarter of an hour watching.


This got me thinking about how, throughout my life I've sat somewhere daydreaming about being able to do exactly as was just then doing - nothing.

At school I used to drift away looking out the window. At university I did the same with the magnificent view of Wellington Harbour seen from the university library. At work in all the different positions and offices I occupied I'd dream about one day being able to just sit somewhere and drift away.

Now don't get me wrong, I was good at my job and very successful it was just that I got bored very easily and just wanted to get away.

This morning here I was, in a lovely setting on a beautiful sunny early winter's day virtually self-actualising. All I'd need was to be a bit younger, a bit richer and a bit fitter and life would be perfect.
But, I thought, I have a nice life, a lovely woman whom I love and who loves me, good friends and a wash-hose   and no employer putting demands on me.


Tomorrow I'm off to Auckland as we are going to the Donizetti opera (bel canto comedy) The Elixir of Love. Should be fun.

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Robert said...

Yes it's something that poets oft' overlook. It's the being loved that is priceless.


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