Tuesday, 19 June 2018


I took my aged cat Willow to the vet yesterday.

Willow in a relaxed mood after ingesting some catnip

I needed to have her checked for a couple of things - she's getting a bit frail now at 19 years of age but principally I wanted the vet to check her eye which was weeping. I'd suspected that the neighbour's cat which has been sneaking over here  had scratched her eye.

The vet confirmed that she had an ulcer that could be the result of a claw scratch and applied some ointment. She also gave Willow an antibiotic jab and a jab of Vitamin B to stimulate appetite. The vet said that "this would sting a bit so hold her tight". She wasn't wrong - just understated. Willow jumped about like a thing that jumps about a lot.

I was sent away with some more daily medicine and a tube of ointment for applying to the damaged eye. Oh, and I was $190 lighter.

I usually have problems giving medication to Willow and we have our little battles. The same goes for clipping her nails and I have to hold her firmly in my lap, trying to keep all four paws  still.
Well, trying to put the bloody ointment into her eye was a real battle. This involves squirting a small amount in a line across her eyeball. Yes, across her eyeball! Three times a day for seven days! Well, she'd have none of that and after ten minutes of wrestling last night I gave up.

Needless to say it didn't go like this staged image.

Last night on our FaceTime call The Old Girl suggested that I wrap Willow up in a towel - kind of like swaddling which I tried today.

It worked and will make the next 20 applications a hell of a lot easier.


Re the neighbour's cat, I checked on the web to see how I can stop the little bastard from coming across to our property (non violent remedies) and discovered that as cats don't like citrus that putting lemon pieces at 'the border' can be effective.

The neighbours on the other side have a big lemon tree so I collected a whole lot of wind-fallen lemons (and some from the tree) and cut and placed them on the wall by the driveway.

I hope this works as if I catch the neighbour's cat attacking my cat I'll disappear the bastard.


Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

That's a bit expensive.
Wrapping can work, unless the little furry parasite gets a paw free and retaliates big time. It'll be a different sort of ointment you will need then.

Robert said...

Nice you did your best.
Sometimes I think an honest vet is as rare as an honest lawyer.

Richard (of RBB) said...

Why do pets cost more han humans?

Richard (of RBB) said...



It's because successive governments haven't seen fit to include animals in the health system - at least not the nice animals. They do allow scrotes, scumbags, meth dealers, gang members, murderers, paedophiles, rapists, robbers, christians and other undesirables though.


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