Wednesday, 11 April 2018


It's been cold today - at least 10 degrees lower  than it was last week. I decided to have a leisurely bath in the early afternoon. A chance for a soak and to read as it was starting to rain.

Sure enough as soon as I'd settled in there was a knock on the door. It was Rod my neighbour wanting to see my new car.  I ignored his knocking for a while and then recalled how years ago when I was living in Upland Road in Wellington I ignored a knock on the door when I was in the bath and bloody Mike Moroney stuck his head through the bathroom window. "Oh, you're in the bath" he said. WTF? Did he think I was on the toilet or something? If so what did he look in for? No wonder we called him Mike the moron.

Anyway I hastily dressed (still wet) and let Rod in. I showed him the car while ignoring his hints that a coffee would be nice. I did relent when he hinted at a game of snooker which we played before I tossed him out. I went back to my bath - now cooling and ran some more hot water. I'd just got in again when the phone rang.

It was the house phone and I ignored it as very few people ring me on the landline. I settled and began reading my book again. Then my cell phone rang. I thought I'd better answer this as I'd been in contact with the bank about some fraudulent charges on my credit card and it might have been them.

It wasn't.

It was Richard (of RBB). I told him that I'd just got out of the bath and was standing in the hallway naked and dripping. "Oh, I'm so sorry he said - I'll call you back later".

I got back into the bath and settled again.

30 seconds later my cellphone phone rang again. I got out and just said "Bastard!". There was no answer but I knew that it was Richard again. I gave up on the bath, dried off and dressed and went to the kitchen to prepare lunch. I rang Richard back on his cell phone (no answer) and left a message.
A few minutes later the landline rang again - Richard. We had a good chat.


Richard (of RBB) said...

Never mind, you can always play tent poles in bed this evening.

Richard (of RBB) said...

By the way, Arccimedes says thanks.


Who's he - Archimedes cousin?


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