Monday, 23 April 2018


I was on a mission this afternoon.

I did a couple of hours of tree and bush trimming using my handy Bahco hand saw.

This is a nifty little tool. It's really sharp and cuts through branches like a knife through butter.
I haven't given up on buying a pole pruner but this is doing the job and only cost $50.

I gradually cut back vegetation around where I suspected the wasp nest was.

Eventually I found it on the underside of a flax bush and a swarm of angry wasps came out to check me out. I retreated to the house and grabbed a can of insect spray and made a few running forays into the danger zone, giving a liberal spraying each time. After a while activity slowed down to the point where I was able to dislodge the nest using my very versatile Bahco with which I speared it and hurried down to the beach and crushed it with rocks.

Job done.

I wonder if I'll get a medal?


Robert said...

I was ok with this post until you started throwing rocks then alarm bells rang.


I don't understand.
I didn't throw rocks at the hive. I sprayed it with bug spray and then took it down to the beach and pounded it with a rock until totally squashed.
I then covered it with a big flat rock.

Richard (of RBB) said...

Got to get rid of wasp nests. No good to anyone - they eat bees, little bastards.


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