Wednesday, 4 April 2018



"Yay! No work today"

It's Wednesday after Easter. I call today Easter Wednesday.

The Old girl went back to Auckland this morning. Geoff went back to Wellington yesterday - Easter Tuesday.

One of the great things about being retired is that holidays are not spoiled by the dread of going back to work. You know that down feeling you get on a Sunday afternoon even if it's been a great weekend because you know that you have to go to work on Monday?

Well for me that's not the case anymore. I do admit that I used to enjoy working when I was doing a real job some years ago. the work was challenging and interesting and I feel that I made a great contribution. In recent years though, doing contract and part-time work I Never had the same stimulation so am glad that I opted out of it last year.

I keep busy where I can with community work and make an effort to keep reasonably fit through walking, swimming, golfing, kayaking and playing tennis. The great thing about all of this though is that I do it when I want to and don't if I don't want to.

I've been busy this morning - taking The Old Girl to the bus, shopping, looking for a car to buy, looking on the internet for another apartment to buy (our sale went unconditional yesterday) and doing washing and housework. It's too hot to do gardening and weeding which I can do now since I bought a trailer last week.


I see that Richard has been keeping busy by writing music, practising on his double bass (you'd think he'd got the hang of it by now) and walking up the hill at the back of his property. He posted about this HERE

It used to be cows that he was afraid of but now it's fantails. His hand was obviously shaking as he took a photograph during the bird 'attack'.

Either that or he'd had too many chardonnays before the walk.


Richard (of RBB) said...

Fantails move very fast. You're a lucky bugger - I have to back to work tomorrow. A two day working week - too bloody long, and it interferes with contrabbasso practice.

Robert said...

Jesus has risen and for forty days walks among us!


Kind of like those zombie movies and TV series that young people watch.


What's the significance of 40 days?
Did he run out of money or something?


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