Saturday, 28 April 2018


*I borrowed that heading style from Robert but I hope that other things relating to his blogs aren't catching.

Richard's caught his predilection for deleting posts (not that it's such a bad thing in this case).


Yesterday morning I went to get both the flu shot and the shingles shot (now free for over 65s).

After that I spent several hours cutting down shrubs , picking out weeds and trimming trees.  I was exhausted. I couldn't be bothered cooking so had fish and chips for dinner from our excellent local takeaway.

Overnight and this morning we've had a massive storm battering the house. I hope that if it decides to interfere with my tree cuttings that it takes them completely away rather than just spread them all over the property.

I'm driving down to Auckland today so will head off about midday, hopefully as the storm quietens down. I need the car down there as The Old Girl wants me to bring a lot of stuff back from the new apartment. She overestimated how much stuff she could take from the two bedroom one to this one bedroom one.

I'll come back tomorrow possibly to find this again.

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Richard (of RBB) said...

Ah, I love that picture! It brings back so many memories and has inspired so many posts.


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