Thursday, 23 November 2017


I can't remember if I have a GARDENING CURMUDGEON - it's getting hard to keep track.

It's been an outstanding day here with blue sky and lots of sunshine.
After the heat of the sun had died down a bit and after 6PM I watered my vegetable garden.
I noticed that some little bastard snails have been eating into my broccoli, spinach and lettuces.

Little bastards. Little though, not like those ones that apparently are eating Richard's house.

I decided to get rid of them but I don't like killing them. My solution was to pick them up and toss them over the fence into my neighbours property.

Mean? Well, normally yes but this is the guy who owns the house next door and uses it as a holiday house as they have their main house in Auckland. Recently they demolished their garage and have had builders in building what I assumed was a newer garage. Assumed because this inconsiderate joker didn't bother discussing anything with us. The builders have been ages and I was wondering what sort of garage he was building until today when the framing went up. It's huge with what looks like an extra storey on top (granny flat?Air B&B apartment?). It's at the back of their house and of course out the back of our line of sight except for the rear kitchen where it will slightly block the view of the mountain behind us. Big deal? No, not really that's just part of life nowadays but I'm annoyed at the lack of courtesy. If we were building something like that we would let the neighbours on both sides know even if we didn't need their consent.

Meanwhile he's going to be getting a shit load of snails and (Robert's) god knows what else.


Richard (of RBB) said...

My neighbour's property. Just watch that you use the possessive apostrophe.


Look out for snails. Some might be on their way to your possessive property.


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