Thursday, 23 November 2017


The Old Girl rang to see what I was doing and I confessed to blogging. There was a silence on the phone eventually broken by "are you sure you're not doing too much of that my love?".
I explained that I'd created so many new blogs that I had to spend a lot of time keeping them up to date. I further explained that all my readers some readers a reader had been complaining that the posts weren't being refreshed enough. There was further silence on the phone.

The fact is that although I now have quite a few blogs (8 Curmudgeons, 3 Wine Guys and 3 miscellaneous) I feel that I need some more and, whenever I write a post on a particular blog I worry that the blog's name and theme might not be appropriate for that post.

A few years ago I replicated Robert's and Richard's blogs by doing a copy of them and registering under new blogger addresses but found this to be unsatsfying for several reasons:

  1. The readership for those original blogs is so low
  2. I don't have enough technical music knowledge to impersonate Richard for long
  3. I can only witter on about christianity and pretend to believe its arcane teachings for a short time
  4. My sense of reality and my grammatical teachings began to suffer
  5. I couldn't put my own stamp on the blogs as I was pretending to be those old crazies.

I'll try to keep the current ones up to date but will have to lie to The Old Girl. Fortunately she doesn't read my blogs and, unless she's staring into my eyes I might be able to get away with the lie. She would be able to create a good blog and write very good posts - better than me anyway - but she's very busy with work. Maybe when she retires in a couple of years I can get her to do it.

That goes too for Mike and Tony who would be good bloggers but Tony is busy with work and Mike is busy with doing his Masters at university.

In the interim I'll have to fill the void with new blogs. Now, I've got a new idea ............

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Richard (of RBB) said...

You are a very naughty boy!


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