Wednesday, 22 November 2017


NEW POST -  CHECK OUT ....... umm, sorry, the post is on this blog. I get a bit confused with all the sub-blogs in THE CURMUDGEONS INC.ⓒ.

Of course an unkind person might suggest that this Post is more suited to THE MUNDANE CURMUDGEON but personally I think that it's more interesting than that.

Hey! I just had a thought - I could rent out space on my blogs for other bloggers to use for example that latest Post by Angry Jesus would be very well suited to THE MUNDANE CURMUDGEON. Check it out if you have trouble sleeping:


I'm using crutches to get around this week after damaging my knee last week. That's not a great problem but being unable to go out walking, play tennis golf or bowls and do some gardening is becoming annoying and I'm starting to suffer from 'cabin fever' and am going 'stir crazy'.

The Old Girl, when she left for Auckland yesterday gave me strict instructions not to do any of the activities mentioned above and to make sure that I use at least one crutch when walking about the house. Of course I ignored her advice and last night when walking down the hallway without crutches my knee sort of gave way on me. Bloody painful and it gave me a scare so I've put the pressure bandage back on and am using a crutch again.

It's boring though. I'm reading, listening to an audio-book, checking out blogs etc. but need to be doing something else.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to be at a Civil Defence training exercise but had to cancel out of this as I'd just be in the way.

Today I might check out what films are on at the local cinema. I'd really like to see the new Blade Runner film so hope that it's on. While in town I might check out the Noel Leeming store as I was sent a discount voucher and special offer to old buggers for cost plus 5%. I want to buy a smart TV that I can run my computer through (we don't get TV reception here and I don't wish to subscribe to SKY again), or buy a large screen monitor. I think that they will have a Black Friday sale this week as well so I'll check out things first.



Richard (of RBB) said...

Black Friday? The date will be Friday 24th. I'm getting tired of this inaccurate information coming out of your In.!

Richard (of RBB) said...

As all the other Curmudgeons have names, maybe you should be called The Yawn Curmudgeon.
Hope you're feeling better soon.


'Black Friday' sales are based around American Thanksgiving which is this weekend so will be on Friday the 24th.

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