Tuesday, 23 January 2018


In our blogging community we have two blog consortia.
The most aptly named one is THE CURMUDGEONS INC.ⓒ in which the name suggests an incorporation of curmudgeons, allowing other members to be invited in. An incorporation.

The other is The Bass Bagging Hexagram (I know, it's a silly name but I'm sure it will be changed soon) The logo of course gives no clues as to what this consortium stands for and indeed, in the name - 'hexagram' doesn't really explain that this is a group.


In the blogging community there is a rogue contributor named Robert who variously goes by the names Second Fiddle, God Botherer, Hey You and Stop Thief. 

Robert creates blogs that run for a while with the posts being regularly deleted or 'refreshed' as he puts it. The said blog is then summarily deleted usually after an altercation with Richard (of RBB) who is also the boss of The Bass Bagging Hexagram (he bravely admits to being the marketing mind behind the name and logo). These altercations are generally fuelled by alcohol (cheap cleanskin chardonnay for Richard and cheap anything alcoholic for Robert).

After the last blog deletion Robert has once again resurfaced with a blog named RP. Some wit asked Robert if he had left out the 'I' in 'RP' but at this time it doesn't appear that Robert got the joke.

RP, as you will have seen if you were foolhardy enough to click on the link is pretty much the same offering as his older, now defunct blogs with an underlying threat of religious posturing, cut and paste Google history searches and, dare I suggest it, poetry.

Robert has, under construction another blog named A Composer's Journey. At this time we know nothing of this blog other than the author is Robert and the avatar is the same one Robert uses for his RP blog and features a rather scary and diseased-looking  Paganini.

Will Robert combine these two, and potentially other blogs under a consortium-like grouping?
Who knows? Maybe the Holy Ghost can help.



I just checked Robert's RP blog and he has deleted the new posts what like he wrote.

I guess that this blog is destined to go the same way as the others soon.

Robert said...

Just relax, take a few pannadol, a new post is there for you to read.


'pannadol' ?

Reads like you've had a few too many of those yourself.

Robert said...

Great retort!

Richard (of RBB) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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