Sunday, 28 January 2018


I keep going deaf in my left ear. It's happened at least 3 time recently, usually after a swim or a shower. The ear gets blocked and takes ages to clear - this time still dodgy after several days. It's really annoying to me and bothers hell out of The Old Girl who gets frustrated at me having to ask her to repeat herself or when I answer to what I thought she said and it makes no sense (to her).

I've booked an appointment with my GP to check it out or to give me an introduction to an ear specialist.


Hearing is something we take for granted and it's not until you don't have it or there is a problem that you realise how important it is. Answering the telephone is a bummer when you can hardly hear what the person at the other end is saying. I'm finding myself apologising in shops when I can't properly hear what the cashier is saying. 

It could be worse though if I was a musician (although it didn't stop old Ludwig Van from knocking out a good tune or two). I guess that Richard would find it hard doing his practice if he couldn't hear what he was playing.
Mind you he might just play everything louder so that wouldn't be a good thing. Robert isn't actually tone-deaf but probably is metaphorically tone-deaf when it comes to understanding nuances in social communication.

People in the service industry would have trouble. Imagine being a call centre operator for say Sparks or Vodafone ....... on second thoughts they probably are deaf given the level of service they offer.

If my hearing problem isn't as simple as having my ear blocked by water then I struggle to wonder what may be the cause. My dad had restricted hearing in his later years which drove mum crazy (although he never misheard an offer of a cup of tea) so it might be hereditary.
I haven't had an occupation that could have caused it - like operating a pneumatic drill for example and don't drive about in my car with the stereo blasting away. Still, there are any amount of things around us to ruin our hearing nowadays.


Richard (of RBB) said...

You poor old thing. I hope it comes right. Shelley is deaf in one ear, so I'm used to repeating things. Likewise, she always hears, "Do you want a wine?"


Yes, I reckon I'd always hear Lynn asking me that too.

Robert said...

Do hear deep sounds like a drone or high sounds like weee?

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