Saturday, 13 January 2018


Richard (of RBB), poor old guy, seems to have got himself a bit worked up regarding a post I wrote about house guests not respecting their designated areas HERE

The old crank has written a few posts and many comments about this and looks like he will keep doing this so I thought I'd better explain things to him.

Richard is a bit of a toilet crank. He seems obsessed with the process, the mechanics, the premises and the locations. He plans his travels based on availability of ample, private and clean 'rest-rooms' and if these are not available will either postpone his travel or hold things in for weeks on end (pun).

I remember at a weekend folk festival near Wanganui (Whanganui if you are a Te Reo nazi) where, because the communal toilets were a bit primitive Richard crossed his legs for the whole weekend.

Admittedly the folk festival toilets didn't have doors but this was in the 1970s when free love, communal living and free expression were all in fashion.


Now in my house we obviously have a bathroom that has a toilet a shower and a bath and is adequate for the house under normal conditions.


'Normal conditions'  are when The Old Girl and I are in residence and when guests visit for drinks, a chat or a meal but do not stay over. They can use the toilet for 'lighter activities'. Dumping is frowned upon and seen as anti-social in this context.

We have a kind of annex to our house with an extra kitchen and lounge, two bedrooms and a bathroom with shower and toilet.

The shower cubicle is new, the bathroom has plenty of space and the toilet, like the one in the main bathroom is modern and has a hydraulic toilet lid that gently goes down on its own so there isn't that annoying 'crash' as drunken friends and relatives close the lid (as they should - always before flushing. hereby avoiding air-borne contamination).

Guests who stay over have exclusive use of this bathroom which should cater to their every need. They do not, or should not need to make use of the main bathroom in the house.


OK, to recap.

  • Overnight guests have their own bathroom and toilet to use and should not use the main bathroom.
  • Casual visitors who are not staying overnight - those who come to dinner, for a drink or to play snooker can use either bathroom for peeing and freshening up only. Anything else they can hold onto until they get home (ask Richard for advice on this as he is an expert.

I trust that this clears this up and that we can put this topic to rest.


Richard (of RBB) said...

Sometimes after people eat, especially spicy food, they need a dump. What happens in this instance?


If they can't handle spicy food they shouldn't eat it.
I would excuse them so they can leave early.

Richard (of RBB) said...

Never open a restaurant.


That's for damn sure.


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