Friday, 12 January 2018



My sister had their cage trailer up here and I borrowed it today before they head off home.

I also borrowed the neighbour's car as it has a tow-bar and he sometimes uses my car.

Robert of course believes that people who have to borrow cars and trailers are bad credit risks and therefore are not satisfactory clients for his cleaning business. Well good luck to him then, I doubt that Sue and Robert's Home Cleaning business will ever become a national enterprise with that attitude.

I needed to get rid of a mountain of garden rubbish that's been building up and which I'm worried is a fire risk. I got up early (for me) and at 7AM went to collect the car and then the trailer. I was able to do three large loads (crammed as much into the trailer by jumping up and down on the loaf - clothed of course) including some extra trimming and cutting I did.

First load almost ready to go

I had a visitor when I was trimming some trees at the back fence-line. He/she was cute and friendly but Richard wouldn't have liked it. Richard is scared of cows.

It's 'hot as hell' today and sweat was streaming off me. I went for a swim after I'd returned the car and trailer. My sister and brother-in-law threatened to go golfing and want me to join them. I'm rather hoping that they'll forget about it and, as it's now 4:23 they might have abandoned the idea.


Robert said...

Glad your day worked out well. Rubbish is a pain to get rid of these days as tips are so expensive.


Each load cost $22.
No wonder scrotes dump it in streams, gullies and on the side of the road.

Robert said...

That's a good deal. Here I pay $18 just for a car load.

Richard (of RBB) said...

I hope your sister and he husband didn't use the main toilet.

Richard (of RBB) said...



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