Wednesday, 21 February 2018


At the risk of once again being seen to be an insensitive bastard* I ask the question why government and support agencies have to be mobilised to help out a whole lot of stupid people who, ignoring all safety warnings from reliable agencies chose to either say in high risk areas or to even elect to go to them even though a fucking cyclone was on the way.

The majority of the people in Golden Bay and ultimately the ones putting pressure on vital resources are tourists and campers who chose to go there against very good advice. What the fuck is wrong with them?

How often do we see this nowadays? It seems that today people are so cosseted in the comforts of the 21st century that they forget about the dangers that natural events can bring. They are seemingly unaware that New Zealand is a long skinny country that is at the mercy of bad weather, earthquakes, tsunami and volcanic activity and you have to be responsible for your own actions.You shouldn't be allowed to go bleating to support people to help you unless you took adequate care from the beginning and secondly, you are prepared to pay for the support given. Expensive support like helicopters and teams of professionals who have to be mobilised to save your stupid arse.

Right. I got that off my chest.


* I upset poor old Robert by a comment on Richard's blog regarding legal names of in-laws. As Robert assures that Deed Poll name change was legally executed then I was wrong. It's interesting that Richard asked exactly that question several years ago on one of his posts (sadly deleted now when he crashed his entire blog the year before last) without the comical overreaction from Robert.




Just to be clear here, I don't want anyone to die from having made a bad decision but I don't believe that they should be helicoptered, flown or taken out by water (unless they pay) simply because they are damp and miserable and cannot get access to FaceTime. They won't starve and maybe will have to eat some more canned beans on stale bread but hey, that's the risks when camping. It's 'camping' after-all, not 'glamping'.

Richard (of RBB) said...

Actually, in this case Robert was correct. Maybe The Curmudgeon Inc. need to have a back up team to check facts before they fire at nothing. It could be called The Sensitive Curmudgeon or The Check The Facts Curmudgeon.


Do you remember making the same comment as I did a few years back?


This is a comment I made (twice) on Richard's posts.

"I was wrong in my assumption, or more correctly - query. For that I apologise to Robert, Richard, Uncle Tom ..... you know the rest.
The fact is though that it's a pretty strange situation of some sort of desperation to acquire the surname 'Prowse', a surname that Robert in either his deleted posts or as a comment in Richard's deleted post admitted to not wanting and wishing that he had a different surname from one of the other forebears.

Anyway, life's too short to worry about this sort of shit."

Against my (newly established) principles I'll even post this comment on Robert's blog ...... oh wait , he's buggered off again.


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