Friday, 9 February 2018


It's blowing pretty bad up here at the moment. Like this:

Lots of rain as well. I've got to go catch the bus to Auckland soon which is a bummer as it's a bit of a walk from where I park the car to the bus station. Never mind, it'll give me a chance to wear my excellent Backhouse stockman's raincoat which looks real cool.

We are going to see 'The Scottish Play' at Pop Up Globe tonight (hence the Shakespearean theme) and it apparently is forecast to be an atrocious night in Auckland with heavy rain. The coat, which I haven't worn for years will be just the ticket.

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Robert said...

Reminds me that I have something similar I used in the confederacy. I wore once on a dog walk but the flaps around the legs kept blowing back. Probably why people wear jackets.


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