Tuesday, 13 February 2018


We at THE CURMUDGEONS INC.ⓒ believe in keeping you informed with concise predictions and truthful commentaries. Other blogs groups like The Hexagram and The Dire Tribe (Robert's collection of blogs) will only provide you with witterings on filling a bin with garden rubbish, what a fictitious deity did over summer and how to write songs so that you can put them in a scrap book and forget them.

In a previous post HERE  The Curmudgeon predicted, against all the promises from the National Party, that Bill English would soon be gone. Well guess what? He's gone having announced his retirement today (I hope the stab wounds heal soon Bill).

What we at THE CURMUDGEONS INC.ⓒ are really looking forward to though is seeing that horrible Paula Bennett the unctuous ex Deputy PM get her marching orders.

"Please let me stay. I'll change and be good"

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