Thursday, 22 February 2018


That old idiot Donald Trump's answer to school shootings in the USA is not to remove guns from the hands of the nutters, no, it's to arm teachers and sports coaches so that they can have a shoot out in the school before the police (and undertakers) arrive.

What the fuck is that about? This guy is so far removed from reality that you wonder how he ever got to be President of The United States of America ...... oh, that's right it's America. That figures.

Now I know a few teachers and quite frankly I wouldn't put them in charge of fly swats let alone guns. If they didn't end up shooting themselves in the foot they'd probably wipe out more students and staff than the actual shooter would.

At school we had loony teachers who were dangerous enough with blackboard erasers and canes let alone giving the bastards guns.

Brother Paulinus at Marist Newtown was a nutter who would probably have had pot shots at kids just to 'keep his eye in'. 

At St Patrick's College secondary the discipline master Unverrich demonstrated some sort of sadistic pleasure in caning boys and Scambury the sports master would no doubt have liked to have a gun when trying to get me to jump hurdles or dunk a basketball.

Let's hope loony Trump's idea gets buried although in that country it's more likely that a daft idea like that would be accepted before a ban on military weapons.


Richard (of RBB) said...

Two posts. A quiet day up north.


Tennis this morning.
I'm waiting around for some visitors to arrive.
The weather was stunning this morning but is turning to shit now.
So, yes, a quiet day here.

Robert said...

How many soldiers do the USA deploy overseas?
It costs them billions.
What if two soldiers were allocated to each College in the the USA. It would be petty cash.
Where I work in humble NZ there is a security person and cameras.
Victoria University has many more security and cameras as well.
Why do not these schools in the USA have security?
The Guards are legally entitled to hold weapons too over there!

Money. That's why.

I do not feel sorry for them.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you two talking again.


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