Friday, 23 February 2018


I'm retired having turned 65 last year. I have a Gold Card (thank you Winston Peters) which, if I go to Auckland allows me to travel on buses and ferries for free. I must check out if that applies to Whangarei as well although, since there is no public transport system from Whangarei to where I live (25 minutes away by car) it would mean that I'd still have to drive in to town and then get a bus. Why would I do that when parking in Whangarei is so easy and cheap and anyway, I prefer to walk.

When I say I retired last year at turning 65 that's not entirely true. I actually gave up proper (as in committed full-time work) in November 2007. That's almost 10 years ago. Since then I've:

  • Done unpaid charity work
  • Been involved in local community orgaisations
  • Owned and operated a picture framing business
  • Consulted on a full-time basis to two wine companies
  • Worked part-time for another two wine companies
  • Lived (and part-time worked) overseas
Essentially though I consider that the last time I seriously worked was in 2007 meaning that I retired at the age of 55.

I have really enjoyed the last 10 years as I've been able to do all of those things that I dreamed about doing when I was swallowed up alive during the previous 30 years of full-time work. Things like:
  • Listening to National Radio during the day
  • Going for walks whenever I like
  • Kayaking during the week
  • Golfing
  • Not being driven by an alarm call in the morning
  • Reading the books I've always wanted to
  • Writing my novel
The downside of course has been less money coming in which I've had to occasionally address by upping my work to full-time but I've been blessed in having a partner with a good and well paying job who has supported me.

So, is there a problem?

Well yes. I love playing tennis twice a week, golf weekly, walking swimming and kayaking when the weather permits but ...... I'm getting a bit bored. I feel like I need to find something to do for at least a few hours a week to keep me stimulated and to bring in some much needed extra spondooliks. The problem is that, in my 'profession' I'm past my use-by date. If I'd been a teacher I'd be able to pick up relief work here and there like one old guy I know. I don't know what he does in class anymore, probably hands out some quizzes or exam papers and then sits down to read the latest Marvel comic (hidden inside some official looking tome.

I'm reasonably intelligent, well-educated, can read and write well and know my way around a computer. You'd think that there would be plenty of opportunities to use these skills (on a part-time basis) but no, employers don't want old buggers cluttering up their workplaces and I haven't seen a lot of work-at-home offers but I'll keep looking.

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Richard (of RBB) said...

Don't be too keen to get back to work.


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