Tuesday, 27 February 2018


The National Party has chosen its frontrunners and the winners are...... Simon Bridges and ...... fuck it ...... the SS* Paula Bennett.

Hey I'm OK with Bridges as I've looked on him as a possible star and hope that he lives up to the promises. He's been around for a while coming to Parliament 10 years ago like PM Jacinda Ardern and has experience in some heavy portfolios - labour, energy, economic development and transport .
Bridges is Maori or at least enough of a Maori to claim it

“New Zealanders deserve better than a government that is merely muddling along. My focus is on ensuring New Zealand continues to be a place of great opportunities and aspiration for everyone,” said Bridges in his first press conference as leader.

OK, yes, good for him and I don't want a government that's  "muddling along" although I think that he's been in one under MR MUDDLE John Key for a number of years.

I'm excited about the prospect of a 'First Maori Prime Minister' that the Nats spin merchants are touting (conveniently forgetting that one of our greatest PMs, Norman Kirk was part Maori). Hey, I'm sure that if I trawl through my ancestry I can find some Maori blood. How much do I need? A 16th? 32nd? 64th? I can provide English, Scottish, Welsh, French, German, Samoan and Irish as well if that helps.

I'm less happy about the fat slug Bennett as discussed HERE has been allowed to stay on as Deputy Leader of The Opposition. What are they thinking? Is National so desperate to secure Maori support that they feel that they have to tag on Bennett to Bridges to spearhead a brown assault on labour and Ardern who did so well at Waitangi (Robert, look away now).

Time will tell

* SS = 'Stomach Stapled'

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