Wednesday, 7 February 2018



Richard and Robert have been squabbling a lot recently.
Richard keeps removing the link to Robert's blog from his blog's links and Robert continues to delete his posts and, on occasion the entire blog.

I'm OK with this as his blogs are rubbish and the posts match the blogs. I've deleted links to Robert's blog(s) as well and refuse to comment on them until he demonstrates some continuity and commitment.

At the time of writing this Robert has reached out to Richard with offers of hugs as some kind of reconciliation.

Richard has reinstated the link to Robert's latest version of a blog. but no doubt, over the next day or so, this will be axed again. Meanwhile Robert will keep writing junk, some of it like his last insensitive comment on Waitangi Day and he and Richard will have another row.

In the meantime though, while hugs abound, maybe the two of them can get together and create some blogging apparel to celebrate their getting along.


Robert said...

Ha ha the funny thing is after bickering and ribbing each other for 62 years it's just normal to us. It's everyone else that is upset and needs to seek reconciliation from the Holy Ghost!


"seek reconciliation from the Holy Ghost!"

Yeah right!
I think I just chased that feathered rat off my deck when he was eating the seeded bread I put out for the tuis.

Richard (of RBB) said...

Yeah, me and Robert will always be mates and will continue to bicker. Though his comments on the treaty are weird. Ah, but what the fuck, he believes in a man in the sky why doesn't give a shit about old age. I'm off to Italy! I hope they don't believe in the Christian god there!


"I'm off to Italy! I hope they don't believe in the Christian god there!"

Put it to the test. Wear a long flowing robe tied with a rope and have sandals on your feet.
If you attract a band of followers, direct them to Robert's blog and tell them that Moera is the new 'Promised Land'.

Richard (of RBB) said...

Robert's blog has been cleared. I think that means he's in favour of the treaty now. Praise the big bin outside my house!


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