Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Robert (still on probation) has reinstated his blog and is posting reasonably frequently.

Unfortunately he still, frequently, deletes all posts for no known reason. Like  early rumblings before a major earthquake this inevitably is followed by total blog deletion. The reasons, as mentioned are unknown but there are some obvious coincidences that seem to be related to the deletions:

  • Consumption of vast amounts of cheap wine and dodgy beer
  • Arguments on blogger or Facebook with Richard (of RBB).
We will keep a close watch on this and record the activity and chart the results..
Unfortunately for Robert deletion of his blog posts merely increase the probationary period.


Robert has created another blog which at this stage appears to be stable.

The same avatar is used thus:

Which appears to be a portrait of Paganini on a bad day.

This could forebode (the word chosed carefully) a string of blogs controlled by Robert, or Paganini or both.
If this is to be then it would make sense for Robert to create a consortium of blogs. This concept was pioneered by THE CURMUDGEONS INC.ⓒ and quickly followed by Richard's group which he inexplicably named THE BASS BAGGING HEXAGRAM.

THE CURMUDGEONS INC.ⓒ's suggestion is for Robert to put his blogs under an overarching brand. Our suggestion is THE DIRE TRIBE (for obvious punning reasons). The word 'tribe' suggests a closely knit grouping and the word 'dire' speaks for itself.

A logo that quickly and succinctly sums up the core values of the group will be necessary. Note: Richard has failed to grasp this notion and is using the logo:

Which, yes, we admit is a hexagram but what does it suggest in regard to Bass Bagging, filling up bins with garden rubbish, changing strings on musical instruments and having an aversion to a song named Easy Ridin' Bros from Wellington all of which frequently make up his blog posting.

Here are some suggested logos for DIRE TRIBE for discussion and consideration.


I like the last one as it seems to fit with Robert's sense of humour and with his views on how indigenous populations should be treated (refer previous posts on The Treaty of Waitangi) but this may cause problems with potential readers and at this delicate stage Robert's blogs are going to need all the followers possible.

Perhaps the second one agenzia DiRE with removal of 'agenzia' could be bracketed with this one -

- which will give the TRIBE component and suggest brotherhood.


Let THE CURMUDGEONS INC.ⓒ know what you think. We're here to please.


Richard (of RBB) said...

The clumping of many blogs together thing is a bit past the use by date. Anyway, the more blogs that Robert has, the more he have to delete. Much more streamlined for him to just have to delete one or two. Though, if he does go with the multi-blog idea, he could call them 'The Big Red Button'.


Thank you. We'll keep you posted.

Well done on the temp work front by the way. For tips on what to do watch the film Bad Teacher.


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